His heart goes out to you….

When the Lord saw her, his heart went out to her and he said, “Don’t cry” (Luke 7:13)

A widow’s only son had died.  Jesus took compassion on her and raised her son from the dead.  God’s heart never grows tired of meeting your needs. His heart goes out to you.  Whatever you are facing today, envision your perfect Daddy reaching His heart out to you and saying, “Don’t cry.”  He wants you to know He’s got everything covered in His love and promises.  See Him.  Know Him through His Word–He loves you.

Redeeming Love

Last night I shared my God story with six beautiful teenage girls.  In light of the Bible study we were working on together, the Holy Spirit continued to work on my fears to share and He gave me confidence to be “real”.

Why are we so afraid to be real?  Here were my reasons:

  • Rejection
  • Too emotionally heavy
  • Shame
  • Fear they may be negatively impacted
  • Public speaking

God is not a God of resentment.  He can redeem a life from the pit and use it for His glory.  However, when we, for whatever reason or circumstance, live in disobedience to God’s Word, I believe there are consequences within the redemption.  King David’s sin and disobedience was forgiven and he was redeemed; yet, he struggled with significant consequences throughout his life as a King.  He never lost the love of God.

I shared an example of a minefield.  I have walked through the minefield and “the bombs” of this world brought devastation to me spiritually, physically, and emotionally.  Woman of Worth Mentoring Ministries is all about teaching you where and what the “bombs” are according to God’s Word and helping you to avoid devastation.

I know that complete healing and peace is in Heaven–we will all experience this one day together.  The scars from the minefield are healed over, but they are still there as a reminder of redemption and God’s glory.  He can take something broken and use it for His glory.

I remember hearing a man share his God story of being in prison.  His life of rebellion, consequences,  and prison experience led him to Jesus. Because of Jesus, he ministers to men and women who are in prison and shares the redemptive love of Jesus.  He knows first hand the consequences of rebellion and prison and helps to rehabilitate them.

Honestly, my heart cry is that the ladies will cling to Jesus and know His Word.  Yes!  God can redeem the vilest of sinners!  Oh! but precious child! His plan for you is filled with so much more than this world can give you!

And what do you benefit if you gain the whole world but lose your own soul? Mark 8:36

Jesus deeply loves you and desires for you to live out your God story within His will and plans for your life.

Slumps, dumps, and bumps

On the radio a pastor quoted the famous Charles Spurgeon.  He noted that slumps may come prior to the mountain or movement.  Our bodies are designed by God to cycle through times of rest and valley walks.  We can’t stay on the mountain top and survive.

After a series of slumps, dumps, and bumps, I was growing weary of being spiritually counter intuitive.  I was exhausted from “counting it all joy”, “considering the source”, and “turning lemons into lemon-aid”.  I text a friend and ask her to pray for me in a specific situation that brought insecurity and anxious thoughts.  This is what she sent me!  GLORY!  Not only was it the same quote or message I heard on the radio a few days prior ( you think God was trying to firm something up in me?)  but it also was so spiritually profound.  Lord, empty us and bring Your rivers of peace, love, and wisdom for the journey.  I pray you savor every line….

Christian Quote About Strength

“Those who serve God must serve Him in His own way, and in His strength, or He will never accept their service. That which man doth, unaided by divine strength, God can never own. The mere fruits of the earth He casteth away; He will only reap that corn, the seed of which was sown from heaven, watered by grace, and ripened by the sun of divine love. God will empty out all that thou hast before He will put His own into thee; He will first clean out thy granaries before He will fill them with the finest of the wheat. The river of God is full of water; but not one drop of it flows from earthly springs. God will have no strength used in His battles but the strength which He Himself imparts. Are you mourning over your own weakness? Take courage, for there must be a consciousness of weakness before the Lord will give thee victory. Your emptiness is but the preparation for your being filled, and your casting down is but the making ready for your lifting up.” – Charles Spurgeon

D.L. Moody once said that “If you partner with God, Make your plans big!” I encourage you today to make God your partner. Whatever your burden is that caused you to search for strength, give it up to him now. Do not let another minute go by without completely surrendering your burdens to Him. God wants to be your strength. Surrender to Him in your weakness and let Him show Himself strong. Remember if God brings you to it, He will bring you through it!

Read more: http://www.whatchristianswanttoknow.com/bible-verses-about-strength-25-encouraging-scripture-quotes/#ixzz2ijyCWDHe

Jesus-a friend for the journey


Jesus’ life was so public and controversial.  He was picked apart and pursued.  Leaders called Him the prince of demons, pressured Him to perform miracles to prove His worthiness, and announced He was “worthy of death”.

Can you imagine this taunting and having to overcome day after day?  Your total existence was adversarial?

Scholars highlight Jesus’ friend Lazarus.  He was a friend to Jesus.  He was someone who would “be there for Him, take the time to care, and care enough to listen” (p.20).

Life as a Christian is filled with subtle and, sometimes, blatant persecution.  Jesus understands.  Oh, how we need friends for this journey who will be there, take time to care, and care enough to listen without judgment.

Are you this friend for someone who is walking in Faith?  Do you have a friend like Lazarus?

The smallest verse in the Bible is “Jesus wept.”  He wept when His friend Lazarus died.  Out of his passionate friendship and the will of God, Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead.

Jesus is our ultimate perfect friend.  He has the power to raise us from the deadness of sin, apathy, depression, or loneliness.  “A friend loves at all times” says Proverbs–that true friend is Jesus.

God makes us beautiful…..

2 Corinthians 4

For God who said let light shine out of darkness, made His light shine in our hearts…..

This verse was shared with me by a friend who sincerely noticed the love of Jesus in my heart.  I’m humbled by these words because it could only be Jesus in this frazzled, tired, confused woman who would SHINE! Maybe that’s the point–in our weakness HE is strong.

I met a beautiful friend today for a working lunch before a late meeting at work.  She brought me a card.  I started crying.  I had just received the SAME card from someone else very special in my life the day before.  Of all the cards on a shelf, two different folks picked the same one.

Do you think God is trying to tell me something?  I challenged my Woman of Worth Mentoring Group to pray for something specific and see God show up this week.  He answered my prayers in this small but significant detail.  He knew.

“The way your life reflects the One who created you can be described with a single word that says it all–beautiful.”

It is my greatest prayer that Jesus’ love is shining bright no matter how I feel….and let me tell you I can FEEL! And sometimes when I FEEL, I don’t feel so pretty.

So God reminded me that my beauty is not in my works or my pursuit for perfection but in HIM–completely and solely in HIM.  His love covers a multitude of sin–GRACE received and GRACE extended.

Thank you my beautiful friends–I see HIM in you!


Make your birthday a gratitude day!

What an amazing birthday!  Last year I started a personal tradition of being purposefully grateful on my birthday–taking pictures and really concentrating on all the blessings in my life.

At dinner, my mom shared something I did not know.  She had a C-section so she could schedule my birthday.  She wanted me to be born on my dad’s birthday which is today–October 23.  However, that year his birthday was on a Saturday!  So, I came real close to sharing my dad’s birthday.

I know these things sound “small” or insignificant but as you age you truly count the small things (which are in the end not small at all) as so meaningful.

So here is my video of my day!  Thank you to everyone who gave of their time to text me, Facebook message me, and share gifts–what a lovely day.

The song I’m singing was done at the beach.  I had to whisper sing as to not wake up the family!  It plays over and over.  After the first go ’round feel free to click the mute button, or click it up front!  I love that song.  This day is very special and fragile–count it all joy and soak up His love!