Reboot Your Conversations

Celeste Headlee’s TED talk provides an excellent resource on how to engage in conversations in a world that is more polarized than ever. Everyone wants to be heard, and rarely is anyone listening. My mother shared with me in a conversation recently that everyone is a hero. Everyone in this world has a voice, a gift, a purpose, and all of us deserve to be treated like heroes. The famous are honored with awards and glory, but it’s in the day-to-day of ordinary people doing extraordinary things that we can choose to be amazed.

To love, cherish, honor, respect, care, give, provide, listen, smile…..

Our world and workplace need to pause and regroup.

Don’t multi-task:  Be present and in that moment. Don’t be half-in.  If you don’t want to have the conversation excuse yourself.

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Don’t pontificate: Setting aside of oneself and your personal opinion. Be willing to learn and assume YOU have something to learn. Everybody is an expert in something.

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Use open-ended questions (who, what, where, when, how): How did that feel? What was that like?

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Go with the flow: Thoughts will come into your mind, let them go. Don’t insert your thoughts into a conversation and disrupt the flow.

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If you don’t know, say that you don’t know: Folks will appreciate your confidence in stating your lack of knowledge.

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Don’t equate your experience with theirs: It’s never the same. It’s not about you. All experiences are individual.  Don’t take the time to talk about yourself. Conversations are not a promotional opportunity. Great video by Brene Brown:

Try not to repeat yourself

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Stay out of the weeds: They care about you and what you have in common. Years, dates, and details are not as important as connecting with you.

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LISTEN: When we talk, we feel in control. Let that control go and listen.

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Be brief

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Always be prepared to be amazed:  Everyone has some hidden amazing thing about them.  Go out and talk to people. Be prepared to be amazed!

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A moment can change us

The moment happened in a blink of an eye, but all events leading up to the moment were calculated by God himself. The God moments. You and I could argue that these moments frequent our day, but there is something about a moment in which you experience time standing still, and you step out of your surroundings.

The list was long and the time was short. Why is it that we save cleaning day for just before an event occurs in our home. Prepare, study, create, wipe down, pick it up, vacuum, and now it’s time to engage. It was a sweet group of girls who came to Bible study that night. Considering it was Superbowl Sunday, I knew attendance would be low. My soul was in a different place.  A good place.  A place of receiving and noticing. Flowers were fragrant and red, Valentine’s Day hearts were promises to be written and mailed to loved ones.  Sweet, young ladies gathered around the table as we wrote our Valentine’s day cards.  We were listening to Natalie Grant’s new album when “How Great Thou Art” came on. I asked if they knew this old hymn–they all are growing up with contemporary worship, which I love, too.  I started singing, and truly just felt the presence of the Holy Spirit. Singing, giggling, talking about who to write our Valentine’s Day cards to, and eating yummy snacks. These young ladies are truly so special to me.


I looked up while singing along with the song, and she caught my eye.

Like those romantic moments in movies or the time someone is overwhelmed in a crowd and all becomes silent and slow-motion, she looked at me with an expression I had never witnessed from her and time stood still. In a moment, her endearing, baby eyes seemed to say, “I’m so glad you are my grandmother.” It was as if she had finally realized just how blessed she was to know this love, and her smile turned up ever so slightly to confirm this realization. In a moment, we connected in such a way that showed living evidence of God’s eternal love and grace. God’s presence filled her and shined from her eyes and soul.

She loved me without knowing me. Pure love and acceptance.  I walked over to her and took her from her mother’s lap. She seemed to leap into my arms, and then the kiss. One, big, sloppy kiss on the cheek confirmed what she was trying to say.

What a post. If you’ve made it this far, I can only say, “You had to be there.” It’s as if my 51 years of life led to this moment. There will be more hugs and kisses, but the first realization of love between a grandchild and her grandmother will happen in a moment, and everything builds from that interaction.

When heaven opens up and rains down love through the life of a child, all the things that worry us and make us fret seem ridiculous and insane.

Thank you, Holy Spirit for preparing my heart and helping me to be mindful and aware of this shower of love.

Adelaide, Gigi loves you, too.


Isn’t it so fitting that Jesus came to us as a baby? In the innocence of a baby, He looked into the eyes of humanity, and said, I love you with an everlasting love.

He knew you since the beginning of time, and He loves you perfectly.

I pray He will reveal His love to you in such a way that you draw near to Him. He has Holy “kisses” to share and delights in you.

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