Happy Father’s Day!

Sandy (long coat) with her father and sister

What a great song, and a fabulous voice! Thank you so much for sharing this Anna!

My Dad died 29 years ago today (July 26). As I listened to this song with my eyes closed, I remembered something that was very powerful during the time my Dad was dying. He had been in ICU for several days. We were allowed to go in occasionally and we talked to him and told him all the things we wanted him to hear about how much we loved him, what a great Dad he had been, and that we were praying for him.

He had not responded to us in a couple of days, when all of a sudden he mustered the energy to quietly but clearly say,

“Pray for heaven.”

As I listened to this song I envisioned my Dad visualizing the Soul Train and as having a strong desire to “catch the next ride!” He fought a good fight, but when the time was right, he took that heavenly ride.

To this day, I draw on my father’s wisdom. He was a wonderful father! I only hope and pray that I’m having the same impact and influence in my own childrens’ lives.



Yesterday God orchestrated an early Father’s Day! As I remembered my father’s singing, my friend Sandy shared that yesterday was the anniversary of her father’s passing.  When she received the post update, only God could orchestrate the two coming to gether.  God wanted to hug Sandy.  He hugged me too.  Also, later that day we both met up with a friend who announced that yesterday was her father’s birthday.  I received another email from a dear friend whose father is not doing well and has serious health issues.  She asked me to pray for him.  Yet another friend whose daddy passed recently is struggling and desires a huge hug from her daddy. 

Father’s Day…

I would love to hear your favorite memory of your daddy!  Please share in comments and let’s have an early Father’s Day together!

Jesus, we thank you for our earthly fathers.  Thank you that YOU are our perfect heavenly father.  If we only but ask for you to be our daddy, our perfect father, you will accept us just as we are.  I pray that you arrest us with your grace, and that anyone reading this will know your love in a new and refreshing way.  Lord, Jesus, we



“‘I will be a Father to you, and you will be my sons and daughters,’ says the Lord Almighty.” (2 Corinthians 6:17-18)

Soul Train To Glory

Click link above and take a ride on the Soul Train to Glory! ( words written by my daddy – Tom Lloyd & Vocals by Jimmie Davis)

Sandy liked this one...Laughing with her father
Sandy liked this one…Laughing with her father



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