Thomas F. Lloyd, Author

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The Man Called Jesus, by Thomas F. Lloyd 

The Romans rule Israel with an iron fist, and young Hanan is angry and conflicted. The soldiers murder his father and take their livestock, and he becomes sole provider for his mother. Yet without the cattle that had been his family’s livelihood, Hanan turns to a secret life of thievery. He manages to care for the family while keeping his ways hidden–until he pilfers a valuable Roman necklace and becomes a wanted man. Riddled with guilt and fear, he believes his fate is sealed. Only one beacon of light shines to give Hanan hope for removing his guilt and cleansing his soul: the man called Jesus. Hanan follows the teacher, feeding on his every word and miracle, hoping to find the salvation he craves, before it’s too late.

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Heaven’s Avenue, by Thomas F. Lloyd

You hold in your hand one man’s life collection of messages inspired by God’s Spirit for him to write. Most were written as songs and some were recorded, but they are also meaningful as poetry and perhaps they register more deeply with the soul as they are read and go from the head to the heart of the reader. They cover a wide inventory of spiritual emotions, but each one is written with hope and victory to bless the soul.

A song, written by Thomas Lloyd, that inspired the book!

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