Jesus Culture: Freedom Reigns

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Imagine someone who is in her 20’s, young, beautiful, given her life to Jesus. She honestly shares her struggles that would sound so familiar, and you desire to pray for her.  She begins to talk about her grandmother who loves Jesus, and they share a deep relationship of love for each other. Her name is Shannon. Shannon shares a song from her generation, called Freedom Reigns with her grandmother and says, “Grandma, I listen to this song every morning before I go to work.”   Shannon, who loves her grandmother deeply, wanted her to feel and know the depths of her love for Jesus.  She wanted someone she trusted this side of heaven to worship with her and connect with her.   After the song, grandma is weeping, tears rolling down her face.  Maybe I’m over generalizing, but when I came home from that conversation with Shannon, I listened to the song on YouTube and worshipped.  But what struck me was the fact that someone from an older generation, who probably grew up on beautiful, old hymns decided in her spirit to worship and not only connect with Jesus, but with her granddaughter. 

Jesus helps us to sincerely connect with others, so that we can encourage each other.  I remember the verse from Paul in the New Testament in which he shares,                                                                                                         

To the weak I became weak, to win the weak. I have become all things to all men so that by all possible means I might save some.

I Corinthians 9:22

This grandmother witnessed to me.  Jesus, how can we in the moment when someone is sharing try to listen with your ears, and see with your eyes, and feel with your heart?  Help us to seek to understand the things that seem awkward or strange, but could possibly connect us to someone who needs to feel loved and accepted. 

Lord, I see you talking with prostitutes, having dinner with the town drunk and tax collectors, and embracing the diseased. 

Freedom reigns when we allow You to break down our walls and cynicism.  Lord, it’s hard.  Help us.  

Thank you Jesus that my children have grandparents who meet them where they are and share Jesus with them. (Picture below is of grandmother and the other grandparents listening to the grandchildren sing about Jesus at Christmas while grandma plays the flute!  The picture above is last years anniversary celebration of my parent’s 54th.   Nina gives a little heart she made to Papa.)

Below is the song Freedom Reigns that Shannon listens to on the way to work each morning.  “Are you tired and thirsty?  Seek freedom in Jesus!  Showers of mercy and grace falling on our face!  Great is thy faithfulness to all generations!”


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  1. Tom says:

    How joyful it is to have the message of Christ’s Love delivered by a child ,by a written mesage, by a song, and by a life that has been decicated to God for eternity.God grant us the desire to be filled with Your Spirit, so others may see Jesus in our lives.


    1. Yes, God grant us the DESIRE to be filled with YOUR Spirit.


  2. Shannon Wells says:

    Love, love this!


    1. God is good! 🙂 He loves you Shannon!


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