(Listen to video above and pray!  Cry out to Jesus!)

I have friends and family who have

Experienced separation and divorce


Troubled Depression

Unbelievable loss of their child

Mission field hurts and pains

Diagnosis that seems too hard to believe

Loss of a parent

Will you please pray silently for all of those who are struggling…….

Cry out to Jesus!

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  1. Sherry says:

    Love this song Anna! I listened to this song a lot during all those difficult years. There are still days I need to hear it to remind me of who loves me most & who is in control. I know that when I cry out to Jesus he hears me. So to those of you going through very difficult days & you feel like no one cares & no one wants to really hear what you are going through…..cry out to Jesus because he truly cares & he will answer your prayer just when you need it most!! He will not leave you or forsake you! Trust & believe that with all your heart & claim it!!


    1. Sherry,
      I truly needed that message this morning. I know others do as well. I will post it as well as it being on comments……People/Humans can’t be there for you like Jesus can. Amen (Thank you so much!)


      1. Toni Jackson says:

        To all,
        These posts are unbelievable. They have truly been a blessing to me as I can relate to them. Oftentimes we go through trials and tribulations and we don’t even realize that the very people that are in our circle, are going through something in their life as well. I purchased “The Circle Maker,” and although I haven’t gotten far yet, it is amazing what I’ve read so far.


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