Viva Cristo Rey!

Surrounding yourself  with the familiar is comforting, but recently I’ve been so out of my comfort zone God is dealing with some “stuff”.  The safety in comfort brings familiar people, responsibilities, and expectations.  If you stay where you are long enough you can even predict the cycle or patterns (negative and positive) and get into a rhythm of adapting.  You know what to say, what to avoid, and sometimes how to negotiate (I was going to say manipulate, but I thought negotiate sounded so much more spiritual and professional – you get me?)

I’ve recently took these little baby wings and flew over the coo coo’s nest and enrolled in classes at Virginia Commonwealth University.  I love learning, reading, writing, growing! Sign me up for a class = sign me up for vacation!  I love it that much.  I have my moments of , “What was I thinking?” but overall I truly feel it’s a privilege. How God is growing me is in confidence in being “me” – what I stand for as a person.

Jose with the Priest just before the Priest is murdered

I watched an incredible movie last night called For Greater Glory. This is an incredible movie about the Mexican Revolution in the 1920’s against an oppressive, atheistic government. There is so much to talk about in regards to the movie, but I woke up this morning thinking about this little boy, about 11 years old, named Jose’.  Remember this is a true story.  Jose’ was a mischievous little boy who would taunt the priest and steal. His parent made him work for the local priest as discipline.  In that relationship the priest shared the love of Jesus, mentored Jose on how to live and die for Christ, and live a life dedicated to following Jesus.  Jose’ at 11 saw his best friend and mentor, this priest, murdered by the government simply because he was practicing his faith. Just before his death, he told Jose’ that his home ultimately was with Jesus, and he would not hide from the police.  They lock eyes filled with anxious tears and the priest says,

“There is no greater glory than to give your life for Christ.”

Jose is so moved by this spiritual relationship he joins the revolution (Cristero) and fights for religious freedom, prays on the battlefields, is ultimately captured, asked to renounce his faith by his own father and family, tortured and died a martyr’s death.  His faith and tender resolve convicted me on so many levels.  Sweet, strong Jose’ would never renounce his faith under dire circumstances, and ultimately died announcing –  

“Viva Cristo Rey!” Long live Christ the King!

I was driving to class this morning a little wary about how another professional was interacting with me.  I questioned myself and that person’s motives.  This little boy’s faith and determination against persecutors flashed in my mind.  “Anna, Viva Cristo Rey!”  “Can’t you feel that, Anna? See it? Know it?”  I wept that my faith was weak.  I asked Jesus for boldness. 

I then wondered how I could ever live this life without every day realizing how privileged I am to worship Jesus freely, and why I would care if anyone mocked my values and my faith openly. I want to shout – “Long live Christ the King!”  YES!  HE IS MY KING! HE WILL REIGN FOREVER AND EVER, AND EVER!  My confidence does not come from man’s judgment.  It made everything seem so ridiculous, like all that matters is Jesus and His love to a hurting world. Can we see our purpose to be used solely for His GREATER GLORY?!

Little Jose’ was so young but so strong and determined in his faith.  His last words were,

“I’m going home!” 

Lord give us that child like faith, and help us to cast off this world and the judgment of man, and remember who lives inside of us – “Viva Cristo Rey!”

Jose’ walking to his death for not renouncing Jesus (the movie)
The real Jose’ as a little boy

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