God’s Promises!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The glow in our back yard was unusual, and when we left for school Valentina cried out, “MOM, A RAINBOW!”  I slammed on breaks in the driveway, got out of the car and rejoiced.  Nina and I danced around shouting, “Look! Look! Look!  God’s promises!”  I have NEVER seen a rainbow in my life time (and I’ve been out west!) as brilliant, beautiful and complete!  It was a full arch!  I called a friend frantic for her to see!  I called another mom who has a sick child –look!  God’s promises in your back yard!  I wanted the whole world to see!  After a glorious day in church soaking up Jesus and to awake to this HUGE, BEAUTIFUL GLOW I could not contain myself!

Valentina said, “Well mom if I died today it would be just alright!  It’s just so glorious!”  I laughed, and I said, “Me too honey, to be on the other side of that rainbow!  One day we will see Him face to face, one day!”  We are strangers passing through, and God keeps reminding us of things to come!

Oh precious friends and family think of it on the other side of that Rainbow!  Think of it and rest there!  This is not our home.  Victoria sent me a picture from 95, it’s all over Facebook!  We are united in the most important truth — His  ETERNAL promises!

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