Hosea -Amazing Love

Our family rented a movie called Amazing Love.  It’s not up for awards, and certainly not going to keep you on the edge of your seat, but WOW!  What a powerful movie to show the difference someone can make in the lives of youngsters.  I appreciated their simple, loving approach to a few teenagers struggling.  It’s not this huge rally or production.  It’s a simple camping trip with a lot of love and persistence to stay the course.  Also, the flashing back to the book of Hosea for the youth leader to share the unconditional love of God was excellent timing after the post from yesterday (I dreamed a dream).

I’ve read Hosea and the historical fiction Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers (GREAT BOOK!), yet this simple movie made me truly see the unfailing, unconditional love of our God.  When Hosea goes back to Gomer, after she has been unfaithful and purchases her freedom to come home with him, it was the amazing love of God portrayed.  All the teenagers agreed they could never love so unconditionally like Hosea.  The youth leader said to them, “There is no way you can.  But when you accept Jesus as your savior, He lives in you.  It’s the Jesus in you who can love so unconditionally.”  I highly recommend this movie to watch as a family, not because it’s thrilling but because it’s thought-provoking.


The link above is the movie you can purchase.  It also can be rented at Redbox!  🙂

Amazing Love: The Story of Hosea, DVD


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