Circle Maker Dreams!

Like I said in my previous post….”A lot can happen in two weeks!”  I had to shout this out!

Over the past few months I’ve been re-acquainted with a wonderful Christian sister who is definitely living out her Circle Maker dreams with her husband and church.  She and her husband have opened Grace Home Ministries–a maturity home for pregnant youth.  I invited her to come and speak to our cell group, keep up with her Facebook (, and I just knew in my spirit one day I would be calling her with a client need.  That came sooner rather than later!  I am working with a young teen at one of my schools who became pregnant.  When I called Julie, she not only was praying and writing in her journal, but she immediately felt a love for this young lady.

They met today and the student has agreed to come under their care, program, and services.  I could not believe my ears of all the things Julie and the home would provide–counseling, transportation, help with medical care and appointments, counseling for parenting and adoption, and most importantly LOVE.  Julie kept saying, “I just want to love on her.”  I also remember Julie saying that even if she did not come, she would continue to pray for her.  She had already been committed to make a difference.  WOW!  That is God’s love poured out in an insane, crazy love way.  I had a verse today on my mind–“His perfect love in you has cast out fear! ”  I just remember how scared this young lady was when I met with her.  I was praying she would feel the love of God through Julie, and she did!  All fear is gone!  Certainly there will be new challenges once she comes into care, but Grace Home stands ready to love, support, and pour out.Grace Home Ministries

Glory to God!  And, I just have to say, I could not plan these happenings if I tried. I’m one crack pot woman for Jesus.  Do you ever feel like  you are just living life one step at a time and all of a sudden you find yourself in the middle of something great?  Just so awesome!  I’m glad I was able to witness His love in action through Grace Home!

Oh sweet Julie!  Today I was driving to an appointment downtown (I’m writing this after my driving) and stopped off to do some work prior to the 5:00 appointment.  I got lost on the way and found myself at the intersection of the abortion clinic on Monument Ave.  I started to cry.  How dingy and oppressive the building looked to me.  I kept wondering what young lady was in there, not really wanting to be, but couldn’t figure out any other way to fix her life.  What a stark contrast to your home–bright, beautiful, full of life, love……..Promise….


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