With Joy…

“With Joy you will drink deeply from the fountain of salvation.”

Isaiah 12:3

Can you see the heart in my picture below? The sun was shining through the blossoms on the tree, and to the right at the top you can see some bright pink from the blossoms outlining the heart.  God speaks to us, doesn’t He?  With Joy you will drink deep from the fountain of salvation.  Last night about 12:30 in the morning, I was laying in the bed flipping through the day’s pictures with joy.  I love to listen to soft lullabies at night that are Christian songs.  I know it’s for infants and children, but I love it!  The song “Jesus Loves me” came on, and I smiled.  I love you, Jesus–drinking deep.


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  1. Awesome photo Anna – all we need to do is pay attention and God speaks to us ! Love you!


    1. I love your pictures that you’ve shared! I love you! 😉


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