Have you ever wondered?

This is going to be so personal you may say, “please can you keep that to yourself”.

Now that I shared that fear maybe you’ll celebrate with me instead.  Parish and I, like all marriages, have had our ups and downs.  Ups have been out of this world, downs have been hard.  Surprisingly hard.  When the pastor says for better or for worse you have no clue that magical day what that really means.  We were at church and both of us, separated by our children and a boyfriend of the oldest, had our Holy Spirit moment.  We were touched by the hand of God in our area–separate.  That unity candle you lit together is great but you will always be an individual standing before God with your stuff.  Later when we were driving home we happened to be alone in the car.  We sat in the driveway and acknowledged without going into detail that God had touched our souls–we cried together.  We didn’t need to talk about the soul work-it was understood.  I had this thought–my husband will not be my husband in heaven.  Jesus will be my husband.  What will become of “us”?  At that moment, I realized how deeper still our relationship will be in heaven–perfect, holy, my brother in Christ.  “Parish will you come visit me, or find a place next to me?  We can worship and share in the glory of the Lord–watch the birds and flowers grow.”

So he sends me this picture today.  Look deeper still into the eternity of your mate.


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