Angel’s Healing and Cathy’s Cell Phone Prayer

I’m so incredibly thankful that Anna wasn’t afraid to be outlandish for Him. She did literally stand in the gap for me. She gave the phone to that prayer counselor who told me just to close my eyes, relax, and receive God’s healing. I had been to so many doctors trying to figure out why I was so swollen. I had been in the hospital twice, but no one could help me. This had been going on for weeks and there was so much excess fluid in my body that it was hard to walk and even hard to breathe. I felt hopeless. It wasn’t until Monday when I got home from work and took off my shoes (expecting to see my huge ankles and lower legs) that I realized that I wasn’t swollen at all. That’s when I showed my mom who promptly reminded me to give thanks for answered prayer. I don’t know who prayed for me. I have never met this person, but I am thankful to Anna and thankful to her for listening to God’s prompting and not being afraid to be outlandish for Him.

A cell phone prayer from my outlandish friend Cathy:

Dear Lord, Please cover with your protection in every way.  Give her discernment and insight beyond her own knowledge.  Show her things she can’t know apart from you.  Minister healing to those she interacts with.  Show them her source of wisdom is You, even if she doesn’t speak a word of You.  I pray you are lifted up in this dark place, and in the dark places in all our hearts.  In Jesus’ name.  Amen.

Although I can’t share my work story–God gave me such peace, and He delivered answers to the darkness!

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