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Lord, Just like the wise men, may we be wise in Your leading and Your Word.

Help us to recognize Your Spirit working in each moment.

Help our unbelief and unhealthy thoughts.

Give us a child-like faith to believe in miracles.

Give us confidence to do the unreasonable, the hard, and the impossible.

Give us faith to take action when we don’t know the outcomes.


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  1. traceyfrench says:

    Thak you for this Anna! I have been struggling lately! You are such a blessing!! Love you!!


    1. Tracy. I will pray for you. That you will find peace in Jesus — In His presence of comfort. You are in my daily prayers.


  2. Jane Zimmerman says:

    Anna, I’m so glad Tamara’s FB post led me to your blog today! It truly speaks to what the Lord was saying to me already in my QT this morning. I’m journeying (and journaling!) through a Bible study on Listening and Inner Healing Prayer, and this prayer is perfect. Also, the post today on Mistakes and grace is a word from Him to me. Thank you for sharing what the Lord gives you, and bless you! Loved seeing you Saturday night even though I didn’t get a chance to greet you…


    1. Sweet Jane,
      WHAT A GOD MOMENT I’M HAVING RIGHT NOW! AND, YES, I AM SHOUTING TO THE HEAVENS! Pal just shared that same book to me to purchase after a “discussion” of my heart stuff! WOW! You think God is binding us together to assure us we are not alone? Oh! I think so Jane! I loved seeing you Saturday night too! What a beautiful evening. The children brought such joy and the choir sang so pretty!


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