One In a Million: Priscilla Shirer

Wait in grace

Death Defeated



These 4 words/phrases were repeated or preached about yesterday.  I marveled at how God spoke to my mind and heart.  “Remember these words I shared with you during our time together?”  It was as if they were highlighted on the screen or emphasized in a voice.

“Is there something dead in your life?” asked the pastor.  We then launched into three beautiful testimonies from folks who had an amazing encounter with Jesus and were forever changed.

During worship, God gave me another word, “Conyah”.  This was not a word used in the service but a word spoken to my heart and mind when we worshiped.  I spoke the word out loud.  I wondered what it meant and could not wait to get home and look it up.

Conyah is the Hebrew word/name for a male meaning “Gift from God”.  To me, personally, I felt God was reminding me that He sent His Son, Jesus, so that we would remember that we, too, are gifts from God–He loves us with an amazing, pure, and extravagant love!

God revealed Himself in a mighty way.  In the waiting, I had an encounter with Him.  I was reminded that death has no victory in my life, and He makes ALL things new!  Praise God!

This morning I read a message from a precious Christian friend, Leslie, who encouraged and lifted my soul up!  Oh!  How we need friends like this in our lives!  I praise God for her.  She is solid in Jesus, so this recommendation is trustworthy.  She encouraged me to get the new Priscilla Shirer book, One in a Million, ASAP!

Cloverhill Assembly of God will be preaching on BEING ALIVE AGAIN!  Do you feel dead in your relationships? Dreams? Joy? Physical Body?

I believe the sermons along with this book will be a great place to worship God for the coming weeks ahead!

God you are an amazing orchestrator of our lives!  You take daily situations, messages from friends, Your Word, circumstances, and fashion the God story within each of us.

We serve a LIVING God!

A video on the book:

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