Sausage and Gravy with Drop Biscuits


When I was in high school I enjoyed cooking.  A friend of the family purchased a Betty Crocker Cookbook for me to begin my cooking adventure!

Marriage came in 1988, and the faithful cookbook of my teens made its way into our home.  This treasured book from my youth has travelled with us to Glouster, VA, Charlotte, N.C., Hopkinsville, KY, and back to Virginia.

At this point, my husband is the more experienced cook.  Here is his favorite white sauce that he adapts for any type of gravy.


Betty Crocker Cookbook


A great, simple breakfast is drop biscuits from the same recipe book, mild sausage, and this white sauce.  Make it extra special and use the sausage drippings in the gravy!


IMG_9505 IMG_9503













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