What a Savior!

Adam and Eve were filled with shame, fear, and they went into hiding. After being tempted and going against God’s plan for them, they faced the consequences for their actions.  God asked questions to help them understand their behaviors.  Of course God knew why, when, and how, but He wanted to make sure they understood. There was a time, in which, they were naked and unashamed.  Now, they stood before each other completely exposed and filled with shame.  God’s heart was filled with anguish, and after justice, He covered them with the first animal sacrifice.  He made clothing to cover them from animal skin.  The first sin.  The first sacrifice.  The first merciful act of our God toward man.

God’s very nature is to cover us with His love and mercy.  Whenever my soul feels downcast, or my vulnerabilities and sins exposed, God reminds me of Jesus–the ultimate and purest sacrifice!

Is God asking you questions within your prayer time, or Bible reading to help you understand a better way?  Is He providing a way for you?  Covering you?  Take notice and follow Him.  The enemy would have you stay in hiding.  God is calling you out to forgiveness, freedom, and His love!

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