My Nook

Someone sent a Facebook message introducing “She Sheds”.  It’s the female alternative to the “Man Cave”.  You take something like this:

And turn it into an office/she shed for the queen of the house!

Wow! That’s beautiful!  I want one!

In an effort to minimize, reduce, and take care of what we have, we are utilizing a narrow space in our home that has become the “throw-anything-you-don’t-want, and I- don’t-know-what-to-do-with-it spot”.

Slowly but surely we are turning this narrow space into my “she shed”–my spot to be creative, research, learn, and dream.

I have tons of books to go through and I need to decide what to keep.



My girls went through so many videos and, yes, VHS tapes and narrowed them down to two plastic tubs.  We found some sweet memories on that shelf and laughed hysterically!

025 026

My husband took two old doors from my grandmother’s house, painted them, and hinged them together to make me a divider for privacy.  This is a busy part of the house for going outside, and the pathway to grandma’s and papa’s house.  It’s also on the way to the laundry room.  I’m not sure how the traffic is going to do, and we may actually build a more secluded spot utilizing a wall.

I love the room with my children’s art work.


It’s so amazing what you find when cleaning and truly going through items one-by-one! I have laughed and cried and reminisced. It’s actually caused me to slow down and enjoy my girls.  Oddly enough, the memories I discovered made me sit down and play, dream, and reflect with them. I have found resources I’ve needed for work, ministry, and for personal growth! I also have been saving items for a friend moving into his first home!

Today my little girl wanted to make a video of Cinderella and the prince. Maybe this seems simple, but for me the simplicity of the moment made me joyful. I teared up. Life is filled with beautiful moments if we stop to enjoy them and count them as a treasure.

I would like to take the wallpaper down and paint. I’m not sure. I need to think of a better, more creative, decorative chair for my desk.  We are removing the hope chest for more space. That was done today, and sweet Vivian wanted this for her room. My children were rating me on my hoarding tendencies.

Mom, why would you want to keep THIS?

I always had a great reason that related to a very special memory! HA!  On a scale of 1 – 10, I was a 5 on the hoarding scale.  I’m improving. So, when I would run across a little toy (those are my favorite), I would put them in this small box. One day, my little grandchild will visit, and we can play with these special toys! My husband is actually playing with them right now.  He is lining them up and taking pictures.  I’ll be sure to close with his photography/play session.


The sweetest thing I found was a wall pocket. Parish went outside and picked fresh flowers for me to enjoy.


While the queen and king were busy about the house (this time my husband cooked while I fixed and cleaned), my little girl was creating her own castle out of Lego’s.  I had to laugh–how timely and appropriate!

003 004

I guess from a very young age we dream of our future home, or castle to call our own and fix up with the one we love.

A future post will be my husband’s wonderful recipe while I was fixing and cleaning–

Thai Chicken Coconut Soup (Tom Kha Gai)

Fresh Spring Rolls with his own special sauce!

My husband’s play session:

Dorothy, along with her friends the Scarecrow and Tin Man (Picture One), face their fears (Picture Two)..

Lions & tigers & bears …….OH MY!!!! (Picture Three)




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