The Bundt Cake Marriage

God provides a way out ahead of time. The invitation you receive to speak, show up, take a class, or the article you pick up in the newspaper are all connections to God’s perfect plan for you.  My husband and I have recently been asked to support couples in their next step of marriage, and one beautiful lady asked us to speak at her church group on intimacy in marriage.  My husband and I are in our fifties, and we are still raising children along with a host of other duties and working full-time.  Marriage for us has become more of a duty and promise that we’ve kept because God’s design for marriage involves a serious commitment.  Remember your vows?

Marriage is relational, physical, spiritual, and emotional.  My husband and I tend to concentrate on one of these areas at a time, but we become unbalanced due to “life”–the vow part.  The worse happens, or financial issues occur, and we have to re-evaluate.

In preparation for the marriages we are supporting and the workshop, we are reading The Five Sex Needs of Men and Women by Dr. Gary and Barbara Rosberg.

Mind you, after 26 years of marriage, I know most, if not all, of the content. However, when you stop talking about these things in your marriage, your marriage will suffer. One of the questions is “What are your top five sexual needs?”  I honestly could not answer this.  I’m satisfied. I’m good.  After reading the book out loud together and walking away from it, I came back to my husband.  I sounded like the mom on My Big Fat Greek Wedding trying to understand the Bundt cake that her future in-law brought for the engagement party—“Oooooooooooooooooooooooooh  I knoooooooooooow!”

So we are little confused at 50.  That’s okay.  The joy of figuring it out will be a working out of our vows “to have and to hold until death do us part”.

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