The Freshman 15: Time Management Lesson 2

“College is the land of opportunity” (Henderson, 2013, pg. 17).  You probably have already signed up for clubs, developed a routine, and continuously discovering that there is “oh so much to do”.

Be effective by being selective

Let’s face it most of your days will be busy with constant deadlines.  However, by being selective about new opportunities and prayerfully considering your time, God will show you when to say “no”, and when to say “yes”.  In my life experiences, there have been insane moments in which I felt strongly to say “yes” even though I knew it meant more time and effort.  I trusted God to provide the strength and provision of time.  In faith, I knew I had to say yes.  Other times, I’ve equally felt God calling me to say “no”, and I had to trust Him.  What are your spiritual gifts, and how can God use you to further His kingdom work?  When you know your gifts, you can be selective.  Never limit God’s calling you out of your comfort zone, though.  Trying something new, may open doors for growth.

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Jesus “went away to a quiet place to rest”, and God rested on the 7th day.  God created sleep to rejuvenate you, and heal your body.  Lack of sleep impacts your memory, emotional well-being, and in some cases irrational thoughts/hallucinations, and has been linked to heart disease and other health related issues.  Sleep is a time for you to store all of you’ve learned in your memory, and to heal your body.  Laying in the bed and checking your phone, and being on your computer is not resting.  The blue lights from computers and phones causes a decrease in melatonin, a natural hormone that helps you fall asleep.

Schedule your time and keep a list

List your top five priorities, and ask yourself how you will make time for these priorities. Get a good paper or computer calendar and make sure your priorities are listed–Family, School, Church, God, Job, Friends, etc…

Ask yourself honest questions.  How much time are you on social media in comparison to homework or spending time in Bible study?  Readjust and make time for your priorities.

Pursue excellence to the end

Pursuing excellence does not mean you will not make mistakes, or fall short.  It’s about attitude and action.  Colossians 3:23-25 tells us that anything we do, we do it for God, and with all of our heart–with passion. From cleaning your bedroom and bathroom to writing a paper for a class make sure you are doing it for God, not man.  Talk to Him about it. Ask Him to give you wisdom and direction.  Ask Him how the assignment or chore will help you grow.  Most importantly, be grateful and give God thanks. Research has proven that gratitude creates joy. Feeling a little down? Start listing your blessings, and practice an attitude of gratitude.

One verse in God’s Word that encourages me is “to finish what you’ve started”.  If you’ve made a commitment –finish it.  Even when you may feel disconnected from the professor, the class is boring, or you are just tired or bored, “finish what you’ve started” and trust God not your feelings.

Prayer: Heavenly Father I pray that you will give me the guidance that I need to have fun while still maintaining a schedule of proper study and needed rest.  Protect me as I seek your help in scheduling time for everything. I love you Father and pray this in Jesus name, Amen.


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