The Lamb

The lamb’s appearance was overwhelming. As I gazed upon the Lamb, His beauty, gentleness, and kindness were felt. The sunset in all the colors, warmth, and majesty. The twinkle in the eyes of a baby when they laugh. Certain visualizations can be known by the soul and mind beyond what a camera can capture. This was true for the Lamb.

The Lamb.

I watch as they tried to consume the Lamb with fire. I was horrified. They laughed and mocked as they tried to destroy His perfect beauty. I kept wondering why anyone would ever want to destroy something so loving and so beautiful. I reached into the fire and held the Lamb close to my heart. He smiled and looked into my eyes. No words were spoken, but as I held Him closer, His love permeated my mind and all that I was. The fire, the people who wanted to destroy this love, the circumstances that surrounded me mattered not. Nothing mattered but His love. His body was unharmed, and His Spirit even more glorified in the midst of the unthinkable.  As they tried to destroy, the Spirit grew stronger, and God’s Word was spoken from my mouth. His Word paralyzed them. In the chaos, God’s love and power took over, and I feared nothing.  Not because I gained courage, but because His love conquered my fears and their evil attempts.

I woke up from this vivid, God dream consumed by a confident, peace that I will never forget. Days have past, and because we are human, the awakened moment after the dream has faded to some degree.  What remains is the continued confidence of His love.

The dream changed me from glory to glory.

I shared this dream with my parents to encourage them. I see the dream as a universal reminder of His glorious love that no one can destroy or take from us. We are His children. He adores and loves us with unimaginable persistence and patience.

Right where we are……..

A gift………..

For all…………

My mother jumped from her chair to bring to me a little lamb that she had bought a year ago.  She told me that she just felt led to buy the lamb, but never gave it away.

God knew.

This little lamb was the sweetest. Soft. Precious face. Just like the Lamb in my dream.

Our dream.

We held the Lamb close and hugged.  He was between us, heart-to-heart.

Jesus, the Lamb.

Oh How He loves us….

Saying with a loud voice, Worthy is the Lamb that was slain to receive power, and riches, and wisdom, and strength, and honor, and glory, and blessing.  Revelation 5:12


I found this beautiful picture of the Lamb, with Mary and baby Jesus. This spoke to me (my previous post, Ava Maria, and my dream)


I remember listening to the song Songbird as a child. In fact, I remember as a little girl waking up to one of my brothers playing this song. I slowly woke up to music healing me, saying “I love you”.  I loved this song. So peaceful. I was reminded of the song when God opened up my eyes to the joy of singing and the healing that is known through music/worship.  My friend Lori listened and felt the Spirit of God’s love.

Me too, Lori.

He loves you:

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