She’s A Lady


Valentina Hebb singing Polly’s song, She’s a Lady:

The Program honoring Polly’s life:


Tom Lloyd, Polly’s brother, singing a song he wrote, Heaven’s Avenue

Polly’s treasured song through the years.  As I went through her scrapbooks, I was reminded that I sang this song at her retirement party!   She loved the Gaithers.

Polly’s favorite expressions:

“You are a peach!”

“I could just smack your jaws.”

“Up-to-date and highly satisfactory!”

“Just Kidding Lady!”

“Anna Peets” (her endearing term for me)

My sweet Vivian asked if I was okay during the service. I expressed to her the void we were missing from someone who deeply loved us and expressed that love through the years. Vivian so wisely shared that, “It’s our turn!”  We have the opportunity to love like Polly and make a difference in that love.

Polly loved to share the story of my birth. She awaited the call–boy or girl– at work.  When she found out a little red-haired girl was born, she weaved a story of hysterical laughter and tears throughout the office. From birth on, Polly brought joy and adventure to our lives. Her love for music, travel, people, and Jesus wove a beautiful story that will always be a part of us.

Polly truly was a lady. Her character and principles were important to her.

We love you so much Polly Anna…..

Rest in peace and keep singing His praises!


    • Leah, Thank you for your prayers and the reminder of St. Stephen’s Day/Boxing Day–December 26. The day God called Aunt Polly home was certainly a treasured day. She was a beautiful Christian lady who shared the gospel wherever she went through message, song, and character. Thank you Leah so much for praying and caring for us.


  1. Anna!

    I’m so sorry to hear of your loss. I remember you always speaking so highly of and with great love for your aunt Polly. This must be aM significant loss for you and your family. I’m praying for all of you as you grieve the passing of such a remarkable lady. May your memories of her, as you shared so sweetly in your post, continue to bring comfort and joy to your heart but even more so, knowing she lives with the King now :).

    Much love to you, sweet sister,



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