If God were in the locker room before the big game: Time for a pep talk!

You are beautiful. Life is good. You have a purpose beyond your circumstances. God’s love never leaves you, and He promises to never forsake you. You are filled with so much potential, and God desires for you to live your life filled with this knowledge, and to trust His outcomes. You are adored and treasured. God created you in the inner most parts, and He delights in you. What man intended for evil or wrong, God will redeem and show you another way.  He knows each hair on your head, and He accounts for every star in the sky. He is an intimate God who walks with you. This personal God, knows you by name, and He understands your wayward thinking, and provides reassurance that you are going to be okay.

When the worse day happens, He cries with you and wants you to see the circumstance in light of eternity, not the moment. He holds each moment in His hand, and He wants you to believe that the moment does not define you, but His work in you and those around you belong to Him.  God whispers over and over again, I’m here; I got this; Don’t worry.  God is unbelievably patient, and never grows tired of you. You don’t annoy Him, bother Him, or disgust Him.  He loves you so perfectly that, this side of heaven, you will never be able to grasp the depth of His love, but He spends a lifetime trying to convince you without hesitation.  God has no favorites.  He loves each of us the same. So when I’m struggling in sin and notice my saintly brother or sister, He begs us not to compare or feel less than.  He loves the broken, and delights in putting the pieces back together again with your help and purpose.  Jesus sits beside you in the board room, He guides the surgeon in the operating room, He cries with you at your daughter’s wedding, and He holds your grandchild with the same adoring eyes that are filled with so much love and joy.

God is not surprised by worldly events that devastate us or confuse.

He. Is. God.

He takes a broken world and orchestrates His plan. He is not afraid, regretful, or devoid of hope. God remains all that He has said that He is since the beginning of our time–the time Earth began–and before this time.  God is love. God is peace. God is compassionate and pursues His children with perfect love.  He forgives, restores, and redeems. Always. He never packs His bags and says, “I’m done with you.” He never sets you up to humiliate you and say “I told you so.”

He is a God who guides us through our consequences that occur from choices we regret.  He says that your past is past, and I am doing a new thing. He handles the shame and regret by providing love and peace not only from Him, but also through  friends and a new start. He helps you understand the view of an enemy, and shows you mercy. He begs you to remove judgment so you can live in freedom. Revenge is mine, says the Lord.  You can’t and shouldn’t try to be God.

God is in total, complete love with you. No man, woman, child, friend, pastor, boss, mentor, sibling, pet, idol can ever fulfill your desires like God can. He wants to be the first thing on your mind when you wake up, and the last thing you ponder in prayer when you fall asleep. He wants you to ask where did I put my keys, and He desires to handle every crisis in your day. He wants you to stop controlling people and circumstances and live! In no way does He desire for you to be miserable because of the behaviors of others. He understands the human nature of stress, but He says to you that my burden is light and my yoke is easy. Come to me and rest.

God is okay with you laughing, enjoying life, and taking naps. He is okay with you when you say, “I give up.” In fact, He says, I’ve been waiting for you to give up and trust me.  He wants your purpose to be filled with such purpose that a single second is a reflection of Him. A phone call, cleaning the house, driving to work, listening to an angry or hurt child, changing a diaper, getting a diagnoses, deciding on your vacation, doing that thing you said you wouldn’t do, singing, dancing, everything……He wants to be your Father–your Daddy with complete love and joy. My friend….

God loves you.

He always has, and He always will.

Take this love and soak it up. Splash it all around for the world to see, feel, and taste! Be kind and generous as He has been kind and generous to you.

Be kind.

Never forget for one moment that GOD LOVES YOU!


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  1. ashleythomasrn says:

    Amen! This song came to mind as I read this.


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