Thank you Ashley for challenging us to remember and creating a desire for us to dig deeper….

Belonging.  We all desire to belong, even when we are overwhelmed and need rest. As we rest from the crowd, we feel secure knowing that we will once again connect with those we enjoy and love so much.  God created “human connection”–He knew that man should not be alone.  All around us we connect with nature, animals, friends, and family.

Because we know this connection is not perfect, we must know our original and perfect connection in order to maintain relationships that are important to us.

Who are we in Christ? I encourage you to dig deeper into the following scriptures shared within this document:


Take the time to look up each one and talk to God about what this looks like in your life. Do you believe this truth? Why or why not? Explore your faulty thought patterns and replace them with God’s truth.

I have found the messages of Joyce Meyer to inspire this work within my relationship with Jesus.  She has free podcasts available on various topics that may catch your eye because of a situation you are experiencing.

My youngest and I love to lay in bed at night and listen to her messages of hope.

Here is one we enjoyed together about “Created in God’s Image”.

I pray today you will know how very special you are to God.  He loves you with perfect love! No matter how you feel today in your relationships, know that God perfectly loves you, He created you, you are not an accident, and you fit in to His plan.

When you are feeling out of touch with God’s promises or overwhelmed, I encourage you to worship.  Worshiping and singing, heals our fears and brings peace and joy! I included a great song for worship at the close of this post!

I  will worship you Lord!

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