Today is a great day for NEW!

New or Renew?

New: not existing before; made, introduced, or discovered recently or now for the first time

Renew: to make like new; restore to freshness, to make new spiritually

April 1 is here, and another month of “Rooted 2018” has come. January brought gratitude, February instilled hope, and March developed discipline. As God speaks to my heart again, He is asking if He can do something new–something not existing before!

Although I love the word renew, I’m asking God to do something extraordinary, or for the first time to see and experience a step out of the usual to the great adventure of NEW! Along with, Sharon Thomas, who has provided verses for the month on the word “new”, I also have felt a sense of newness to the point of discovery and molding.

In a message last night, the pastor shared that “Jesus did not conquer the grave to make sure bad people turned good, but so that dead people could be alive!”

One of our worship songs last night had this beautiful line

His final breath upon the cross
Is now alive in me  (Song: Resurrecting by Elevation)

It truly is finished! His breath in you! I know we have long lived habits and mountains to climb, but my friend you have been resurrected! God can do something new in you! I pray you will walk into today with an expectation that God is THE Creator! He creates and molds and shapes! He can take nothing and make something. He can take ashes and turn them into beauty!

Don’t even try to wonder, think, or dream of what He can do--LET HIM SHOW YOU! Be ready! Be expectant! Be patient! Oh yeah, that word–patience. When you sit in service this morning or in prayer with Him go with an attitude of “new!”–God I believe, in your time, You will do something new! And, as we journey home to heaven, oh my precious friend, we have not tasted new until we see Him face to face, and truly ALL fear is gone! Because He lives, I CAN face tomorrow!

I know praise and worship music has ushered in the beauty and talent of God’s people loving Jesus. Will you take a moment to listen to an old hymn with me and really read/listen to the words? I’m worshiping with you in newness of spirit!

Remember who created you! Do you know Him? Even if you know Him, I mean do you really know Him?

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  1. Shirley Gibbs says:

    Thanks Anna

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    1. Happy Easter my sweet aunt!


  2. ashleythomasrn says:

    I love the song Because He Lives!! It’s a great one to sing throughout the day when things get tough. 😊


    1. I love this song, too. I remember singing it as a little girl and it still rings true today!


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