Random and Scheduled Self-Care Ideas

Lamplighter Coffee Shop Richmond Virginia has a great vibe, outdoor seating, yummy menu, and Wi-Fi. The area has unique shops with a market on Saturdays (check schedule). I loved that the screened in porch area had plugs for your devices. I sat on a sofa with a coffee table to put my items. They also have benches, tables and chairs, and places to sit in the sun. I had the Lavender Latte and a grapefruit sparkling water. They do not allow customers to go inside the establishment, so no bathroom use which I thought was odd. The local shops do not allow public bathroom use. Take that into consideration before going!

Loiter in your front yard! I heard this expression in a writing about summer coming to a close. I shared this in a previous post. Do things that make you loiter even if it’s only for a moment. Write a letter to someone who needs encouragement and walk to your mailbox. Stop in your yard and look around. What do you smell? See? Feel? Hear?

This is the season to open your windows. Feel the breeze, the neighbors at play or work, and like, Pip, be curious.

Bake something different. I recently ordered a homemade ice cream maker. Our first recipe was rocky road.

We’ve gotten into cooking quiche. Here is a simple recipe that you can add ingredients of your choice.

I have the best memories going to Strawberry Street Cafe in Richmond with mom. They had the best quiche and a bathtub salad bar.

They are no longer in business. What great memories with my mom. The last time I went, she took me out to celebrate my one year anniversary of graduating from my doctoral program. Thank you mom for encouraging me. I told her I would always remember this night.

A fun shop in Richmond–Class and Trash. After, head to Carytown and eat at Can Can. Great shops and great food!

Ask how you can help at your place of worship, local agency, or community. Serving in hospitality at our church last Sunday was beyond healing and joyful.

Buy something new! I recently found this online shopping website called Airy Cloth that has fun clothing at reasonable prices!

Good podcasts and books! Some of my favorites are Hidden Brain, Unlocking Us by Brene Brown, Pray as you Go, The Lazy Genius, Hello Monday, The Science of Happiness, and Classic Poetry. My most recent book and audible download is The Choice by Edith Eger.

A New York Times Bestseller

“I’ll be forever changed by Dr. Eger’s story…The Choice is a reminder of what courage looks like in the worst of times and that we all have the ability to pay attention to what we’ve lost, or to pay attention to what we still have.”—Oprah

Did you just hear an uplifting message, song, or read a quote? Send it to someone in a text. A simple connection can change the path of that person for the day.

Finally, just chill. No noise, no devices, no problem solving.

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