Smoked Salmon

The book my dad, Tom Lloyd, purchased for Parish.
Our local Lidl grocery store has great salmon

My husband makes the best smoked salmon. This recipe is his favorite, and he will use variations of ingredients from other recipes from Steven Raichlen. The book was given to Parish from my dad many years ago. Thank you dad for being the inspiration of Parish’s gift of cooking and grilling!


You can use vodka, scotch, or skip the alcohol marinade. When Steven uses vodka he adds ground coriander to the cure. We usually keep the skin on the salmon because we enjoy the taste. He will take the thin ends and cut them off the main filet and smoke them seperate so they can come off the grill earlier. It’s good for choice morsels for the chef and his wife while the rest is continuing to cook.

Parish and I got up early this morning to write and cook. I can smell the grill from my office window. What a lovely morning. Can you hear the birds?

We used apple chips from Weber and apple wood from Carter Mountain.
Sandy inspired us to add the recipe to our blog after tasting his salmon for an afternoon snack. She said, “The smoked salmon was the best I have ever had!”

Gourmet on a paper plate!

Below you will find videos and pictures of the steps to help those who are just starting out with cooking smoked salmon! Enjoy!

Brush and oil the grill grate.

Be sure to clean and oil the grate before you put the salmon on. A paper towel with any oil works great!

About 10 minutes into cooking he turned the salmon around on the grill and added some wood chips.

He took off the little bits. The rest will come off in a few minutes.
I just had a sample. It truly is best warm, right off the grill.

As you know, our blog is for our future grandchildren to see and hear the story of our generations. I can’t wait for Adelaide and Spencer Jr and those to come to cook one of Ace’s favorite recipes from Steven Raichlen.

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  1. ashleythomasrn says:

    This looks and sounds amazing! I too love hearing the birds chirp outside! They often greet me early morning when leaving for work. It’s as if God is saying good morning to me


    1. He is! He is! Happy Sunday to you!

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