Heart is sea

Heart is sea,

language is shore.

Whatever sea includes,

will hit the shore.


Brene’ Brown’s new book, Atlas of the Heart, arrived yesterday! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK! Just like Priya Parker shared in the live event with Brene’, the book is colorful, an experience to just hold and feel the weight and the softness of the pages; it is embodied. The introduction offers the above quote by RUMI. I can’t get past those lines, and I’m only in the introduction! I closed my eyes and smiled in prayer. I remember.

We can lay next to loved ones in hospital beds, sit around a conference table, shop for last minute gifts, and mingle in the streets with other vacationers. We do these things on the regular and God shows up. He embodies our moments as a joyful Father teaching us and lifting us up to see beyond the moment.

I read the quote again and visually experienced in my mind the rolling waves of the ocean, my heart: calm, raging, rhythmed, constant, and ever in motion. From this rhythm, my soul work is tossed on the shore, and, little by little, a revealing or refining is in process. Yet, God, in His mercy, took His hand and with great love and care displayed on the shore of my healing get-a-way at the beach treasures and life lessons. I looked back and miraculously felt the stirring and rolling of the waves. How did I experience such love? How did I come open to explore and refine? Yes, I’m open and willing to this experience. It’s my way of life and what I believe in and value; however, God also provided a darkness or valley experience so that my eyes would open, and see a new way, a cleansing. It’s something about the experience of a total makeover or turn around that catapults you into a fresh awakening.

I hope to write about my experiences in more depth in the days to come. My experiences walking on the beach in prayer, communion with my husband, and talking to strangers. I wrote a little about such encounters in my previous posts, but I have a strong desire to go back and spend time there again. Potential topics of writing:


Washed up sea life

After the storm

Walk alone

Connected Memories

Strangers walk with us

Don’t hold on too tight

Naming a shell

So, those are my quick notes. I’m okay if it takes awhile to finish or if I decide to treasure the moments in my heart and move on. God shows up each day. There are so many stories to write!

I pray that you find your gift from the “sea” (By the way, great book!) in everyday happenings and intentional events or get-a-ways. What does that look like for you? What God stories can you share?

At our place of worship, we sang this song by Elevation.

This is my testimony from death to life
Cause grace rewrote my story, I’ll testify
By Jesus Christ the Righteous
I’m justified
This is my testimony
This is my testimony

If I’m not dead, you’re not done.

Greater things are still to come!

Oh, I believe!

Oh, yes! Lord! Rewrite my story! Refine me!

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  1. Parish says:

    That was a renewing, refreshing time there. I look forward to your future posts.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Parish, I love you deeply. We so enjoy each others company and compliment each other’s personalities. You need me. I need you. Together we live this life one day at a time with God gently and, sometimes, intently, leading us on.


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