Darkness and Light

Darkness and light.

I read a poem that emphasized how the light that shines forth in the darkness brings renewed hope. After reading the poem, I found myself in prayerful consideration of the “why”. Why do we, as humans, experience renewal or awe when we are presented with opposing events? Why do we experience heightened emotions to light? I prayerfully asked God to make His presence known in my search for deeper meaning. He led me to the Christmas story. Think of how He showed up. At night to the shepherds who “saw a great light”. The wise men who followed the star by night. Jesus, born during the panic of the night and no settled space to enter the world. He, himself, being the embodiment of light that shined forth

He is our light.

I know that there are spaces inside of each of us that seems unsettled. There is a darkness of sorts that we can’t see a way out or the “light at the end of the tunnel”. Our pastor shared on Sunday that Mary and Joseph and the wise men entered Bethlehem one way, and God directed them to leave another way. He explained that the Jewish culture would understand God directing them differently and the symbolism. When entering the temple, a worshiper would come in one door and leave by another to represent change. I’ve encountered the light and I am changed.

My husband and I discussed the message and symbolism in our personal lives. Are we changed? What does that look like? How can we not have too high of expectations? How do we forgive? He talked about his reading through the Bible and how God’s people would draw close to God, reject him or grow apathetic, and eventually God would draw them back again through events and grace. This pattern still exists today. God loves us.

This holiday season brings out expectations. We expect so much from ourselves and others. As you enter the “door” of this holiday season, can you consider embracing the light and leaving a different way? Can His light shine into those dark spaces and bring us to a place of love? Love for yourself when you fall short and love for others when they hurt you. Can we learn to trust Him to advocate for us and to show us boundaries that supports healing and great love?

The Christmas story is filled with uncertainty, chaos, and darkness. The greatest gift of love is His presence and promise in the midst of it all. We experience the impact of His love because of our need and darkness.

May His love shine forth and bring you peace in your darkest moments.

Adelaide’s picture 5 years old 2021

I love hearing my Adelaide sing this song. She learned the song at her school.

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  1. ashleythomasrn says:

    Way to go Adelaide! Keep up the great work hiding God’s word in your heart! 💕

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    1. Good morning Ashley! Thank you for our Christmas cheer and card! What a beautiful surprise from you. Happy New Year!

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      1. ashleythomasrn says:

        You are very welcome! You and your family are a blessing! So glad to call you friends and siblings in Christ. Have a blessed new year!

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