Choose Life!

Deuteronomy 30:19-20…”Now choose life, so that you and your children may live and that you may love the Lord your God, listen to His voice, and hold fast to Him. For the Lord is your life.”

I started writing a post this morning, and was so at lost for words over a situation and “life”  that I just decided to pray.  I pray that God will give me the words to share with more clarity in the future but perhaps prayers are better than the story!  Will you pray this prayer for each of us and stand in agreement with me?  This is my small, humble beginnings on ANGER! (previous post).  I had someone share with me privately her small beginnings and it was powerful and witnessed to me.  Please lift our sister up in prayer.   I want to thank Wanda for posting this verse out of nowhere on FB that gave me a focal point.  God’s Word is healing!  AMEN!

 “Lord Jesus today I choose life in my thoughts, words, actions.  I trust that you are for me and not against me, and have a plan for my life, not matter what my past should suggest, or what the doctors are telling me.  Lord, I pray deeply for LIFE.  I want the joy of  knowing every breath in my lungs that comes forth is a gift and every soul in front of me is a blessing. I choose to believe that You live in me and all that I do is life filled, even the hard, challenging moments in which I am deeply confused or angry.  Lord, I want to stop and recognize the life you’ve given me.  I look out my window and see butterflies, birds, green grass from the storm, and green leaves that will soon be orange and brilliant red.  Lord, I thank you for the life you’ve put in my home – children who need me as a parent, and who are discovering this life we live.  Help me to know in my hardest moment as a parent, You gave me this life to nurture and You will help me.  I choose life so filled with You I have unspeakable joy.  I choose life so that my children can LIVE instead of just going through the motions, or raising them in anger and sadness.  I choose life so that in the choosing I learn more about YOU and your love and plans for me and my family.  I choose life because I want to hear Your voice and not the voice of the world that drowns me in despair and confusion.  Oh Jesus, How can I have life abundant if I don’t turn my eyes and ears to Your voice?  I wake up every morning and have a huge chose to make,  Will I choose to listen to Your promises – LIFE – or will I choose to listen to despair, death, depression?  I choose life so that I can hold fast to you Lord.  I can’t do it without You Jesus.  I want to hold fast to you like a little child has a grip on their parent during a storm.  I want to hold fast to you like a bride in the arms of her groom.  Jesus we may have many roles in life but I pray that Your love is so evident in my life that all that can be said about who the core of my being is, is that YOU ARE MY LIFE!  Lord may the collections, desires, hobbies, thoughts, events, circumstances….ALL OF IT…..  reflect that YOU ARE MY LIFE!

My husband’s favorite worship song is so fitting for this prayer.  Enjoy watching the video and WORSHIP!

I choose LIFE!


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