The Midnight Hour

If you google that phrase or some resemblance there of, you will find many songs and expressions noting that something big is going to happen at midnight.  Some folks are gonna take the midnight train to Georgia to find their lover, Wilson Pickett is going to wait til the midnight hour for love, and just today someone I’ve never heard of in Starbucks sang to me that he was taking the greyhound at midnight, because he was tired of the same old scenery – he had to get out-of-town.  One of the best Christian songs is  – Midnight Cry, telling us of Jesus’ glorious appearing!

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm  why is it we have this desire to run? Is it our instinct we are born with – fight or flight?  Maybe it’s that we’ve been fighting for so long, we’ve decided that running might be something worth trying.  I’m not talking about running away from responsibilities, a marriage, or your children.

I’ve got that run away feeling.  It all started when I was in about fifth grade (so that makes you about 10 or 11?).  There were these woods that I thought it would be so cool to pack a bag, some camping tools, and just run into the woods and live for a while.  I remember calling my friend at the time who was way more adventurous than me to see if she was game.  She laughed and said, “Anna, you are crazy, we would never survive in those woods. I’m not running away with you.”  Where was her sense of adventure?!  I hadn’t really thought of safety or if our parents would notice.  I didn’t even think of charges that would ensue because of it being illegal.  I just wanted an adventure.  I wanted to run.

I thought of the midnight hour again. Why midnight? Why not the present, 4:02 as it is on my laptop.  Why not after a good breakfast and shower in the morning?  Is it that it’s the finishing of one day, and a new day will begin, and I just don’t think I can face another day here, with this, like this, because of this?

This post is pretty deep, but I got to thinking how we will listen to songs and music and feel the lyrics, but we will never talk about it openly for fear someone will think you are nuts, or Emo. (Did I spell that right?)

So I just want to tell you that it’s okay to have that run away feeling.  Montana – I’m thinking Montana is pretty this time of year!  Parish, my hubby, gets this.  I will look at him and say, “Honey, I want to run again.”  He will ask, “Where to?”  “Some place different, with you, with the girls…………..let’s just run!”  He smiles, and we dream.  We dream of Ireland, Maine, Beaches, West….

Do you think God puts that run away feeling in our souls so we will not cling too much to this world?  Oh glorious day when He will carry us home – so much better than Montana, the woods when I was ten, Starbucks!

Where I Belong by Building 429  GREAT SONG ABOUT WHERE WE REALLY BELONG!  I love to run into His arms, His love, His Word, and linger with Him.  I can’t wait to see Him face to face! 

 Run away with me!


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  1. Tom Lloyd says:

    An outward sign of a promise from God. Thank you Lord for the inward sign of Your Holy Spirit that promises us eternal life with You!


  2. AMEN! Thanks for our talk time this morning and prayer. I love you daddy!


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