God’s Glory Gratitude Walk

Gratitude and stopping to see God’s glory can literally change the chemicals in your brain!  If you want to feel better about life start counting your blessings within your own home and right outside your door!  A great “on purpose” therapy is to go on a gratitude walk!  ( We learned this in our workshop with Lisa, but I am very familiar with this concept due to the book, 1000 Gifts!  GREAT BOOK and WEBSITE! I took a gratitude/let’s see God’s glory walk with Valentina and Bradley. Take a walk with me?

God’s Glory on the face of my little girl loving on Bradley

Thank you Jesus for the seasons with my family and years of joy celebrating Your glory…

Thank you Jesus for creating me during this time, this season, this family, this life, thank you for Your Glory shining on me!

Thank you Jesus for crafts made just for me from my children to tell me, “I love you!”

Thank you Jesus for all the precious feet that pass through this door. Thank you for puppy dogs.