Growth = Change

I’m not sure why some days seem to add up in moments of the surprising in the ordinary of the day.  It’s the smallest of things that stops you in your tracks — a word spoken by a stranger, a phrase that captures your search, a surprise encounter.

One of my classes hosted by the county allowed us to check out a Nook to read our book assignment.  My choice of book on the list was The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership by John C. Maxwell.  I love a good forward and introduction to a book.  Covey did the forward.  The introduction by Maxwell moved me.  I was sitting waiting for a haircut when this simple equation gave me chills and tears:


He began to share that the anniversary edition was years of growth, change, and learning from mistakes.  A leader recognizes she makes mistakes and learns from others.   Those who know me well, or have kept up with my blogs know that changing patterns of behaviors, breaking cycles of pain are present goals in my life.  I’m patiently, ever working on healing.  Like Shrek told Donkey -” I’m like an onion. I got layers!”  The world is full of onions!

While waiting for my haircut, I kept hearing God in my soul – “Change is good Anna.  You are growing.  It’s time for you to grow in certain areas, and in order to grow you must change.”  By that time, my hairdresser asked if I was ready.  WOW!  Yes, I’m ready!  Ready for change! Back to reality, and headed to the sink for a good hair washing.  She took time to massage my head, and I prayed for her –I know some things going on in her life.  I prayed for His Spirit to be over her and to help her with changes and growth.

This beautiful Christian lady began to minister to me.  I forgot at times she was cutting my hair.  She began to tell me a miracle story since I last saw her, and how God answered prayer.  Chill bumps.  She then shares the depths of her heart and it’s sounding too familiar.  I look at her and see my pain, my experiences, and the things that linger as an adult because of them.  We agreed together that we are new creations in Christ Jesus and the old is gone, but also validated each other that some things this side of heaven are still a struggle.  Period.  I ask her deep, personal questions, and she honors me by answering from her heart.  Validation over and over again.

No judgment.  No hurry.  No bother.  Instead, caring, compassionate, validation.

I shared with her my book and my resolve to change patterns even at the risk of losing things I’ve held onto out of fear, shame, or judgment.  I’m tired of adjusting my beliefs and boundaries to accommodate fear, and create false peace.

God took a Nook, a book, waiting time, a haircut, a heart to heart talk, a prayer to answer prayer.

Have you ever felt bizarre or different because of your thoughts, your life, or your perceptions and when you find someone with similar experiences who speaks your language it’s as if you finally found the right exit in your journey.  You veer off the road of loneliness and exit onto the road of, “I’m not alone.”  The deep things of the heart are more universal than we realize.

One thing we agreed on wholeheartedly that words spoken over us and about us stick.  You might forget what you had for dinner last night, but you can conjurer up abusive, hurtful words spoken into your life.  Healing comes when we  exchange the words in our mind and soul with God’s love for us.  To grow we must change.  Sometimes the change is an exchange of what” used to be” becomes “no more.” Boundaries.  I think of Jesus.  His love is boundless, yet His truth has significantly defined boundaries.  His Word and promises are my boundaries, His love is boundless.  Let me say that again.  HIS WORD AND PROMISES ARE MY BOUNDARIES. Glory!  Please rest there and think about that sentence.

Why do I think my life journey should be any different?  Who is God in me?  What is He doing in my family’s life?  The greatest influence on those questions is GOD HIMSELF –NOT MAN!


What are the changes you desire in my life so that I can break strongholds and patterns?
Lord, help me to make drastic and simple changes that bring extreme growth.  Change this generation.
Take my mind, heart, and soul and make changes.
Help me to stand strong and listen to the boundaries and changes you create in my life.
Jesus, I can’t change others.  Help me put all the Why? What?  How come? and hurt  in your hands.
Help me, Jesus, to break free – CHANGE = Growth!
I’m ready Lord — ready to move, grow, change.

  • Abraham left home on a journey for the Promised LandChristmastimeandWOWmeeting 030
  • David left a cave for a palace
  • Esther left the position of orphan to Queen
  • Peter left fisherman for disciple
  • Paul left prestige and heritage for Christ follower, missionary
  • Jesus left heaven, came down to earth as a baby, died a sinner’s death, rose again, and HE REIGNS.


‎”You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.” – CS Lewis

Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, “This is the way; walk in it.”  Isaiah 30:21

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  1. Middle District Baptist Association says:

    Good stuff, Anna….Good stuff!


    1. Brenda,
      God is good to grow us. After growth, I always think certainly this must be it, Lord! Only to find, we are life long growers as Christians. 🙂


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