Love and Faithfulness

Let love and faithfulness never leave you; bind them around your neck, write them on the tablet of your heart.  Then you will win favor and a good name in the sight of God and man. Proverbs 3: 3

Chapter 3 of Proverbs is an amazing conversation between teacher and student.  You can hear the voice of the teacher in your mind pleading with the student “do not forget my teaching!”

What would love and faithfulness look like in your life?  My God has been faithful and loving to me despite my wanderings and ignorance.  Thank you Jesus.  Further down in the chapter he shares to “not be wise in your own eyes; fear the Lord and shun evil.”

I pray Lord, Jesus, Your love and faithfulness will consume me.  Jesus cover me from head to toe with your love, and Father help me in my faith.  Give me faith to believe.  My eyes are so intrigued by the world and it’s promises of pleasure and prosperity.  Lord, I pray I fear you and know Your truth, and that I would not be desensitized by the evils of this world.  Help me to shrink back, take a stand, be set a part, and renewed by Your love and faithfulness.  I love you Jesus.  Just as a parent desires for their child to shun the wrongs of the world, help me to have that same child-like faith, and trust You to guide me.  Help me not to stomp my feet and insist on my way.  Lord, bring to light anything in my life that you want gone, changed, or added. Help me to not go about my life blindly, but to ask You honest questions.  Is that truly a movie or book you would want in my mind?  Is that a food or drink you would want me to consume?  Is that a conversation you would want me to be a part of?  Is that a group of friends you would want me to spend intimate time with? Create in me a clean heart.  Lord help me to crave you more than food, drink, pleasure, material things. YOU God are my sustenance.  You God will sustain me.  Amen

A side note…. a nugget of joy!  Last Sunday the pastor shared the story of Anna in the temple who recognized Jesus as an infant as the Messiah when Mary and Joseph brought Jesus to the temple.  Tina had shared the sermon talks on Anna awhile back.  What a joy and confirmation of God’s love in my life on Sunday.  I pray God will continue to speak nuggets of truth and joy into your life.  Look for His leading, love, and faithfulness in your life.  He is there.

——————————————————————————– Continuing the Fast

At prayer service they offered a time of prayer for marriages and Parish took my hand to go forward. They had marriage mentors at the front waiting to pray blessings over couples.  WOW! What a time of prayer with this couple we don’t know, but how in the world did they know how to pray for us?  There were several Holy Spirit moments, but the one that grabbed me as Parish grabbed me closer was “Lord help them to draw closer to each other and find time away from all the competing voices in their house.”  Parish and I need time as a couple to think, talk, hear… You can’t be at a constant, fast pace and expect to communicate well. Did you know the Latin root of communicate comes from a word that means to commune together –draw close.  If what you are doing as a couple draws you away from each other, communication will suffer.  The question becomes, “What are we doing that draws us closer to each other?”

Day 2 of FAST

Fasting enables us to tune out the world’s distraction and tune in to God.  Reading:  Luke 1

Two couples – Mary and Joseph  & Zechariah and Elizabeth

Each couple had their story and duties; yet, within their story they came together as a couple to be available, forsake the norm, and embrace the impossible.  Mary, a young girl, naive with experience accepted God’s will.  Zechariah old and wise questioned and was silenced until John was born. Both were filled with the Holy Spirit and worshiped through song and prophesying.  Both were visited by the same angel, Gabriel.

All four of these people were described as servants of the Lord who were tuned into God’s will and not the world.  Their hearts were prepared. Zechariah’s old age perhaps made him question more.  Life experiences will do that to you.  God, please,  in our old age – help us to be more like Mary -“I am the Lord’s servant, Mary answered.  May it be to me as you have said.”  (verse 38)

Interesting that the fast study today has more about babies.  I had a little note to the side in my Bible from 2001 praying for God’s healing once again to conceive.  We waited until 2004 for the blessing of Valentina.  Three years later after many tests were run to see what was wrong, and from a couple who said no to fertility drugs, God provided sweet Valentina.  I remember telling Parish when he returned from His mission trip with Victoria the good news.  I remember how God confirmed my pregnancy.  I awoke early in the morning and was reading a study on Genesis.  As I looked up, it was one of those mornings in which the moon and the sun were out together.  It was beautiful.  The morning sickness washed over me, and I was stirred with joy! I remember God speaking to my heart, “Anna the same hands that made the moon and the sun have given you a child.”  I rejoiced!  Great is His faithfulness!

Do you remember those years in which newness of life and the promise of a child were ever-present in your thoughts or body?  At 47, that is not a possibility for my family, but new birth and vision are a possibility.  God I pray and beseech you for visions and newness –a freshness.  May we be tuned into YOU and not the world.

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