Our Purposeful Praise Day

Jesus was faithful to show us His glory in all things.  I loved the praise song:

All of my life!  In every season!  You are still God!  I have a reason to sing! I have a reason to worship!

The pastor at the end of the service shared our verse in prayer – GOD INHABITS OUR PRAISE!  As a body of believers we lingered in worshiping HIM for who He is, not for what we need!  A glorious time in worship.  Our time at the park was filled with special moments as we purposefully worshiped, laughed, and …..yes………….my 8 year  old did fall into the water and got soaking wet!

PurposefulPraise 002 PurposefulPraise 004 PurposefulPraise 010 PurposefulPraise 011 PurposefulPraise 012 PurposefulPraise 013 PurposefulPraise 015 PurposefulPraise 017 PurposefulPraise 018 PurposefulPraise 020 PurposefulPraise 023 PurposefulPraise 034 PurposefulPraise 035 PurposefulPraise 037 PurposefulPraise 040 PurposefulPraise 041 PurposefulPraise 042 PurposefulPraise 044 PurposefulPraise 045 PurposefulPraise 047 PurposefulPraise 048 PurposefulPraise 049 PurposefulPraise 050

One Comment Add yours

  1. tlpbiblegirl says:

    JUST PRECIOUS! Ordinary moments shining in God’s glory. : ) Teresa


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