Worship in Spirit and Truth…

“God is spirit, and his worshipers must worship in spirit and in truth.”

John 4:24

In Worship this morning God brought new meaning to this verse.  Worship can be confusing at times because of its intimacy.  You are at the very throne of God worshiping and praising Him.  It’s only natural that during that time the enemy tries to cloud our view of Him.  At times he may try his best to keep you from the throne of God.  The enemy may bring to remembrance things from your past or that very morning and try very hard to bring you down.  That’s when it hit me in the middle of one of those struggles in worship……..TRUTH!

Truth is complete honesty and realness with what we are thinking, feeling, and giving it to God.  Stuffing, denial, and pretending it’s not there never gets to the TRUTH–the heart of the matter.  “In accordance with fact or reality” says Merriam-Webster.  So instead of fighting against the truth, perhaps worship is supposed to be a mixed deliverance and offering.  God in His Spirit reveals things to us, we worship in Spirit and in truth, asking Him to forgive, provide, and show us new direction.

How do we decipher between truth and the enemy?  Is the message empowering and convicting us toward blessing and safety?  Is it reality grounded in God’s truth –His Word?  Speak the truth in your heart and to God during worship.  His ways are higher than ours.  His thoughts are higher than our thoughts.  God knows our thoughts before we think them.  He wants us to work through them with His love, mercy, and grace.  Don’t be ashamed of your thoughts instead talk them over with God during worship. He will help you and reveal great things.  Practice covering those thoughts that are not based on reality with the promises of God.  Speak a loud as you worship how much God loves you and adores you.  He delights in you!  For those things that are from Him and He desires change, ask Him to give you the wisdom and strength to change.

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