Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, since as members of one body you were called to peace. And be thankful.

Colossians 3:15

Listening to Joyce Meyer’s testimony, she shared a vulnerable truth about herself.  She said that she was one person at work, a different person at home, and yet a different person within herself.  Three confusing people in which she desired desperately to be whole and at peace.  The testimony was with her husband and how God transformed them individually and as a couple.  Andy Stanley, the son of Charles Stanley, was interviewing them.

How do we let the peace of Christ rule in our hearts?  They both agreed that the transformation took years and God’s timing in many events, words spoken, and changes were the pivotal times in their transformation process.  It didn’t happen over night.

I think of God’s peace as an anchor of Hope.  We can be in the midst of utter chaos and hopelessness; but our Hope comes in knowing that Jesus is our peace.  The snow in all it’s beauty, the sun rise, the breath in our lungs, the sound of the heat turning on to keep you warm, the coffee pot brewing –a new day.  Giving thanks.

His peace calms us even during the anxious thought.  His peace reminds us this is not our home.

Purposeful praise…

Eyes that are purposeful and praying…..Jesus be my peace.

I could relate to Joyce’s words of being three people.  We are all three people –I don’t think co-workers want to know my intimate thoughts.  We are supposed to be professional at work and more relaxed at home.  How could we get our jobs done if we viewed our jobs as home?  I think what she was trying to convey was the word peace–being at peace no matter the setting.  Perhaps a desire to feel worthy, accepted, a sense of belonging?


Wherever our feet take us today may your peace be our very anchor to the Hope and Joy that only comes from You.  May we breathe in Your peace, and breathe out a word of thanks for all You have done for us.  Help us to be okay with the fact that we are working out our salvation until we see you face-to-face.  Transformation is a journey not a quick pill, a drink, a person, a hobby, a book we read and we are done, and certainly not perfection.  Transform us with Your peace day by day, year by year, until we arrive safely home in Your arms.


Above is the link to Joyce Meyer’s broadcast:  Making Marriage Work Part 1

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  1. klasick54 says:

    So needed to read this today! Thanks for tuning into our deepest thoughts!


    1. It warms my heart when God’s Word speaks to us at the same time! I loved the part of the verse “one body” — those who love Jesus are a part of one body! We are connected.


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