Prayers With Strangers

A friend inspired this post to be written.  I’ve not been able to get my fingers to the keys but I’ve been writing it in my heart and talking it over with other friends throughout the week.  I was completing a part of my job in which I gather information to support students in the exceptional education process.  I’ll cut to the meat of the situation.  She began to share with me the challenges of raising a child as a guardian.  When I asked her if the student was able to have contact with her biological mother she teared up and said, “No.”  She began to describe a person who was completely out of touch with reality. Drugs, weight loss, sickly, out of her mind, and hanging on street corners. I saw a vision of this woman in my heart and while I was still interviewing the guardian somehow I was praying simultaneously for this mother.  At the end of our meeting I felt the prompting to pray with her.  She hugged me and I held her hug and whispered a prayer in her ear not only for her journey but also for this child’s mother.

Later that week, I had dinner with a friend after a meeting.  I shared with her a small portion of this situation (very careful not to mention names) and said, “That could be any of us.”  Maybe we are snug in our comfortable homes, families, jobs even though our list of struggles exist within the comfort.  But stop and think.  Really think. That life could have been mine if I lacked _____________ ; decided to _________________; not sought help for _____________; or if by the grace of God ________________.  All of us have our stories of turn around, what could have been, things you step back from and say, “God thank you for Your mercy and grace in that situation.”

A prayer with a stranger that reminded me of the pain some people experience beyond our comprehension.  God where is she tonight?  Lead her home to you God.  Lead her to Your arms and mercy and grace.  Only You, God, can heal her.

We Need Each Other….

My oldest shared on her Facebook page how meaningful her Christian WOW group is to her and how they hold her accountable. Right under her post was a post from some other person with the verse “Iron sharpens iron” from God’s Word.  I smiled.  As their leader from many years ago it warms my heart that they still stay in touch and have the love of Jesus in common.  Iron sharpens iron–we need each other.


Counseling a student body after the death of a student, I was able to hear the stories of many who were deeply influenced by this young man who died so young, but stood strong for Christ.  His short years were equal to the “Billy Graham” leaders with long-lived Christian lives.  Students standing for Christ, loving each other, and supporting each other because this young man stood strong for HIM.  Many wanting to know more about Jesus because of him, and desiring to attend church with each other.

Do you see Jesus in all of these unrelated events and the commonality?  JESUS–working, connecting, and weaving His Kingdom work.  Don’t discount the little things like a Facebook post or the big things like a life lived for Him so completely it influences others to greatness.

———————— An amazing article on overcoming adversity

I went to a great workshop in the fall on trauma care.  I joined the therapist’s newsletter.  Today, when I got home, I read this wonderful article on overcoming adversity.  It’s worth the read!  Truly!

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  1. Heather says:

    You are a precious soul to me… I love you, Anna.


    1. I shared the C.S.Lewis quote today in discussion of how our student will live on….We are souls with bodies, not souls with bodies. Although we are absent in body our souls live forever. We are connected by Him.


  2. Anna, you are the most genuine, loving, caring, compassionate and giving person I have ever met. You shine the light of Jesus everywhere you go and to everyone you meet. I am so blessed to have you as a friend. You helped guide me to my faith when we met and got to know each other at Falling Creek. Getting to know Jesus and exploring my faith helped me get through adversity in my life and discover my true purpose. You were always encouraging me to use my skills in holistic healing, so when I had the opportunity, I made sure I did!
    My BNI (Business Network International) group is celebrating mentor week and we are encouraged to bring a guest to the next meeting that inspired us and gave us the strength to follow our dreams. I thought of just bringing a picture of Jesus since He is my strength, but I think recognizing you as the person who was instrumental in leading me to Him would be better! We meet at 7:30 Friday (Feb 8th) morning at the VFW on Jeff Davis Highway just south of Chester. I would love it if you could join me, but understand that you will probably not be able to due to work or school. So, I may just share how you inspire me and will share your blog information with the group so others might see how awesome you are!
    Love ya sis…Charlene


    1. Sweet Char!
      I will look at my calendar and see if I can and call you very soon!!!!!! I would be honored because the way mentoring works is that it’s a reciprocal relationship. YOU precious one have mentored me over and over again with your faith in Jesus, your passion for others, and your amazing ability to overcome any battle you face with HIS strength and love! I remember our FCM days–I treasure them. My time with you was worth a lifetime of memories on love and passion! I love you Char! You are inspiring me to follow my dreams and to be a human being, not a human doer. I want to be used by Him, live in the freedom of the Holy Spirit, and ask, “What’s next God?!”


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