Blah Blah Blah

Whatever situation you are in there comes a moment in which the processing of the event or relationship becomes a resounding “blah blah blah”.  You’ve circled the mountain one to many times and perhaps insanity is setting in.  What action or change needs to take place in order to climb the mountain, forge ahead, and truly conquer this “thing”?  How do I go from blah blah blah to 1. 2. 3. –action steps of meaningful change?  At the risk of leaving this post as blah blah blah here are some steps God has shown me in some serious blah blah blah situations.

1.  Motivation

You will never take the next step until you are motivated to change.  It’s good to change for those you love from a duty or responsibility stance, but nothing is more meaningful than YOU motivated to passionate change.

2.  Engage

Take one step towards change.  With the access to so many great resources on the internet and the famous google search, take action.  Look resources up, buy a book, talk to someone who is more skilled in that area and ask yourself what is one thing I can do towards change this week?

3. Learn the language

If you were going to live in a foreign land you would learn the language to survive.  If you want to survive your situation then learn the language of change within that situation.  For example, if you want a better relationship with your boss, study methods of communication with authority, be honest and self-aware about your approach, and begin to use that language with your boss and in your self talk.

4. Prayer

Specifically ask for the Holy Spirit to reveal the moment you need to put all this into action and for Him to guide you supernaturally.  Acknowledge you can’t do it, but with HIM you can!  From a blog I follow he discussed a book in which the old book about the train conquering her mountain by saying “I think I can.  I think I can.” is not enough!  What you should ask is , “Can I do this?”  Then, ask, “What are the steps to make change.”  Encouraging self talk is great, but we can stay there stuck in positive words without action.  Ask the Holy Spirit to literally give you ideas in your mind to better the situation, to lead you to resources, and most importantly for Him to motivate you to change.  Not motivation resulting from guilt, begging, duty…………pure, unimaginable, incredible, Holy Spirit filled motivation.

I love worship songs–they motivate me…Enjoy this great song about mountains!

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