Mentoring…(3548: that’s for you Charlene!)

Attending the local chapter of Business Network International was an incredibly uplifting experience.  Not only was the meeting warm and friendly but also the meeting was run efficiently.  The President, Charlene Belangia, owner of Living Spirit Massage and Holistic Health, LLC invited me for mentor week.  She graciously shared with the group how I had mentored her through life spiritually, and my faith in her amazing abilities gave her wings to fly and open her own business.  It’s a mystery to me how the Spirit works.  Charlene and I share a passion for Jesus, and the Holy Spirit worked so specifically in her life in the direction of her dreams to bring healing and health to others.  Her testimony of how her faith brought her through great adversity and changes is a story of God’s miracle work!

002When she invited me, I truly desired to attend to honor her amazing journey!  Charlene is one of those people who, with Jesus, created her dream in her heart, went through years of training and schooling, and took the giant leap of faith to follow God’s plan for her life!  Mentoring relationships are always reciprocal. Charlene is teaching me to listen more to God’s voice in all that we do, and to be a human being, not a human doing.  Slow down.  Reflect.  Listen for His direction.  She is so encouraging to me and my passions.

Charlene reminded us of the importance of taking care of yourself so that you can give and grow in your profession–to be the BEST you, you can give.  During our journey of hard work it has to be okay to slow down and take care of ourselves.  Let’s not forget this simple, hard truth.  Our bodies are the very temple of the Holy Spirit.  Are we caring for our temples?

Don’t you realize that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, who lives in you and was given to you by God? You do not belong to yourself…

I Corinthians 6:19

006Charlene wore her bumble bee pin that I gave her years ago.  Did you know the bumble bee should not aerodynamically be able to fly?  From all accounts those tiny little paper wings should never lift that big body, but it does. It makes me think that God has a great sense of humor and adventure.  How much more is His adventure in us? The very things of God’s handiwork can teach us that NOTHING is impossible if we want it bad enough and are willing to work hard.  Just believe–“Nothing is impossible with God!”  Luke 1:37  Key words–WITH GOD!

The sunflower picture hit my eyes as I’m typing this!  Charlene took this picture for me many years ago!  She knew my ministry Woman of Worth Mentoring Ministries’ symbol is the sunflower!  Notice the bumble bee on the sunflower!  How cool is that.  I chuckled right out loud!

Who has mentored you?  Give them a little shout out today and share your thoughts, memories, gratitude.  Who have you mentored?  Remind them today how much you believe in them!  God uses people in our lives to prepare us for a future only He can see!

Char is an amazing massage and holistic health specialist:  (732-2570)


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  1. Sandy says:

    Two amazing women! This story captures so much of what each of us aspires to be… faithful, a good friend, encourager to others, and a positive role model. You both touch peoples’ lives in such meaningful and profound ways. Thank you!


    1. WOW! Anna, first off, the post number 3548 is the same as my mother’s house number – where I grew up from age 2 on. Second of all, I used that verse from corinthians on my brochure and newsletters when I first opened! Third, I always close the meeting with a quote – I used two yesterday – one from Norman Vincent Peale about being a “possibilitarian” and the other was from Walt Disney “it is fun to do the impossible”. Your blog was awesome and touching. Funny, I had forgotten that I took that picture so many years ago! Love ya!


      1. No way! No way! No way! Only God would do that! I forgot to “title” it – GOD DID NOT! THAT SENDS CHILLS ALL OVER ME! And the connections through verse and quotes! Oh you just lifted me to the heavenliest of places and spurred me on! Again–the meeting was a pivotal moment Charlene! TRULY captured in my heart and soul. I LOVE YOU!


    2. Sandy,
      Thank you for being my mentor. If I could give you a day of gratitude for all you’ve done for me in my growth it would be filled with massage, chocolate, a trip to your heart’s desire, and so much more. Thank you for ALWAYS being faithful and true in our friendship. I love you Sandy.


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