4 Days

If you were able to catch some of The Bible movie last night you would have seen the story of Lazarus.  I love to see Bible stories on the television!  I can picture myself there and try to capture the moment and all that it brings.  I’ve always been struck by the fact that Lazarus was in the tomb for four days.

Jonah was three days in a whale.  Jesus was three days in a tomb.  Why was Lazarus four days?  I noticed this extra day because typically God is orderly and patterned; and you can connect stories and scripture.  That extra day has always baffled me.  Last night seeing Lazarus “come forth” after Jesus proclaims that He is the resurrection and the life was deeply moving.  As everyone celebrated and marveled at the miracle Jesus reminded them that “If you believe in me you will have everlasting life!”  As Resurrection Sunday approaches take time to remember this free gift of love and eternity.  On Thursday, four days before the resurrection, remember the Passover, the turning away of the people, the cross, the Saturday before filled with hopelessness and confusion, and then…………..


Lazarus’ fourth day was a testimony of the POWER of Jesus’ Resurrection!  He truly is THE Resurrection and THE Life!

Symbolically, think of something you would love for Jesus to bring to life in you, or overcome!  He is the resurrection and the life–trust HIM!

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