Dance With Me

When I was a baby in my mother and father’s arms they danced me to sleep

As I grew I would dance in swirly dresses and watch them spin–one day I would be a princess

I would dance with friends at slumber parties, dances at schools, dreams of dancing with a boy who thought me beautiful


The greatest dance ever danced was with you….


Our dance continues after 24 years of love, mercy, forgiveness, joy, beauty…

One day we will dance on the streets that are golden.  We will both look to our Father in complete healing and joy.

Until that day, my love, dance with me…..

All the way…..



  1. I want to dance every dance with you! Once inside the jasper wall, I’ll toss my cane into the clouds and twirl you around.. You’ll love my Dad, and you already know your Heavenly Father. I’ve got to save one dance for Aunt May!

    I love you Anna!



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