Share your plans with the Lord

Proverbs 16

Share your plans with the Lord,
and you will succeed

I went to bed last night with a mix bag of emotions.  I’m deeply struggling with some news I heard from a friend, questioning some personal decisions, and aching for days that have gone by–children leaving, growing, maturing. I want to control time itself.  Make it slow down.  What’s the hurry?

I woke up to my husband smiling and sharing the verse above.  “Share your plans with the Lord, Anna, and you will succeed.”  Oh precious souls who are on this journey, share everything with Jesus–He understands.  He wants to hold our hand, guide us, walk the valleys, and soar with you on mountains.  Let not man determine your path but GOD!

Trust in HIM…….

HE will direct and lead…………..

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