Poured Out

Judges 6, 7, and 8 tells the story of an anxious and fearful man named Gideon who grew in wisdom and faith.  In one chapter you find him hiding in a hole from the enemies, and then God takes over and he leads the Israelites to victory!  I had the privilege to attend Priscilla Shirer’s conference a few weeks ago, and she taught believers how to overcome, walk in victory, and praise God even when all the odds are stacked against you.  She specifically challenged us to consider what gifts and callings God has placed in us to bring Him Glory.

Gideon brought his gift to the Lord.  He worked long and hard on his gift and with great joy and anticipation presented his gifts.  God is asking us to present our gifts.  The enemy would desire you to hide your gifts so that he can keep you in confusion and frustration.  God wants you to prayerfully consider what amazing gifts that only you can do for Him.  He is counting on you and cheering you on!

Gideon was asked to put the gift on a rock.  God asked Gideon to release the gift and place it in His hands–the rock of ages. How often do we try to control and tell God how and when we desire our gifts to be used?  God asks us to release so we can relax.  If you have high expectations, you might even be bold enough to ask God, “Is this all you are going to do with my gift Lord?”  We may never know this side of heaven the influence we have in the mundane of the day that over time brings about magnificent beauty.

Gideon was asked to pour it out.  It’s one thing to present it, place it on the rock, but to pour it out means that I totally let go.  On the rock, I still see it.  Imagine a glass of water filled but God asks you to pour it out–all of it.  If you really grasps this “pouring out” the weight of the world, your anxieties, your anger, worries, troubles would be placed in the hands of God for Him to take care of.  We are human beings so total release is hard.  Releasing is not avoiding, procrastinating, irresponsible behavior.  Releasing and pouring out takes immense obedience to God and being filled daily by Him.  We can’t pour out if we don’t get filled by our Creator.

I thought about different areas of my life that need pouring out.  Today, Mother’s Day, I will share my heart in this area.  When my oldest moved out, we re-arranged the entire upstairs. You can’t imagine all the pictures, little notes, and arts and crafts I’ve been digging through.  I was deeply and profoundly amazed at how many love letters for no purpose at all, or for Mother’s Day, I found from my daughters.  It moved me.  How could God orchestrate this alone time in my hope chest of memories on this weekend.  I also found letters from my parents written to me while I was away at college.

Mothers pour out.  Honestly, we have moments or seasons of “Am I really making a difference?”  You are.  His redeeming love allows us to pour out over and over again, when we are continuously and purposefully being filled by Him.  God’s woman has many tasks before her; yet, motherhood is the priceless gift that He has given us.  A baby in your arms, a restless teenager, an adult child are all the seasons of motherhood that God has given you.  Even when it’s challenging–praise Him and pour out.

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