Intricate details.  Jesus has this way to finish the final details with promises long-awaited for.  It’s like this long drive in the rain only to find a rainbow that takes your breath away.  It’s like the long 9 months of pregnancy, and the first deep look in your baby’s eyes–their soul.  The loneliness healed through the union of the man provided by God himself to you as a gift.  I knew this day would come.  My first-born moving out on her own.  It’s what we want as parents.  Less laundry, one less sibling to engage in conflict with, and one less body to go into the shower in the morning.  You admire their growth, their future story they’ve created with God, and you humbly ask yourself, “Did I raise her? How could it be?”

Moving my girl into her apartment was the BEST mother’s day present ever.  We laughed, rejoiced, celebrated and God moved.  Intertwined was a mother daughter event with Woman Of Worth Mentoring Ministries on Saturday night.  We all went, including their grandmother.  All three girls, mom, and grandma celebrating the mother daughter relationship.  Our speaker Sharon Thomas, from Established Footsteps was our speaker.  We were reminded of the redemption that Jesus offers and the importance of Grace in our relationships.  We can’t fix our children, and there is a very healthy, natural battle of the wills within this beautiful, yet confusing relationship.  Our little baby girls grow up and have a will of their own–their story with Jesus.  We are NOT their saviors, nor their Holy Spirit.  God says to be not “anxious for ANYTHING…..but through prayer and thanksgiving make your requests known to Him….”  Are we parenting through anxiety?  fear?  Are you a mother that can’t let go and let God?

Later on that night in my oldest daughter’s apartment, we talked about the night’s events.  Tender moments.  Grace.  All four of us squeezed tight into her little bedroom with Bradley the dog too–snuggled close.  Going through her things, scrap books, little baby dresses that are 22 years old, watching her fall right in line with all the things we’ve taught her, and most importantly what God has taught her.  You just don’t know what that does to a mother’s soul.  I can’t describe it.  Proud is the lamest word ever to describe something so Holy.

Sharon Thomas gave us a handout from her Mother/Daughter message that we used Sunday morning in Bible study and worship.  All the family, in a circle, singing, sharing, and studying God’s Word was a gift.  The questions caused much dialogue.  I sat there and listened to my oldest share the Bible, her values, where she stands in Christ without me uttering a word.  She was teaching me.  The tables have turned.  This grown woman before me who loves Jesus with all her heart.  Oh–Yes!  “No greater joy than to know your children are walking in the Truth”, God’s Word tells us–it’s true.  I’m old enough to see that God promise come true.  Through it all, His promises are coming through.  At the same time, there is my 15-year-old where my oldest was 9 years ago.  There is hope.  Hang on.  And, in the same circle is my youngest with no clue of the storm that will rock her world in about 2-3 years when she hits puberty.  There is Hope.

Redemption.  Grace.  Letting go.

I’ve had this new love for birds and the symbolism of being set free.  I want to be set free.  Over and over again, God shares pictures and prayers with the sweetness of the bird set free from a cage, or a dove flying –peace, and a prayer of Jesus being the one to set us free and wrapping our hearts in thankful praise.  He rescues us from depravity and bondage. Set free indeed!  Set free to let go and allow God to consume us in all things, including parenting.

My baby girl.  There came the time to say goodbye on Sunday night.  Mom’s not spending the night tonight.  I grabbed her face and squeezed it for old-time sake and kissed her all over that beautiful face–my baby girl.  That’s the face I played peek-a-boo, kissed, wiped, felt for fevers, taught how to wear makeup, unfortunately popped once when she was sassy (I’m sorry), rubbed when sick, kissed goodnight, sang over, and still adore.

Thank you so much Jesus for giving us this wild adventure!

Mother Daughter Date

The link above is from Sharon Thomas’ ministry and her message.  I hope you can open and spend time with your daughter, or adapt it for your son.

Her website for free resources, Bible Studies, and ministries you can be involved in:

Snapshots from the weekend:

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Snapshots from Woman of Worth Mentoring Ministries:  Mother/Daughter Event

Sharon Thomas and her friend Kelly are the first picture!  Wonderful women of God!  We also asked the girls to bring donations for the Pregnancy Help Center, played silly games, and took fun pictures!  A GREAT evening of laughter, fellowship, and God’s Word!

DSC07413 DSC07414 DSC07415 DSC07416 DSC07417 DSC07418 DSC07423 DSC07426 DSC07429 DSC07437

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