Warts and All…

Genesis 2:25

The man and his wife were both naked and were not ashamed.

God originally created a man and woman to become one flesh, totally open to each other physically, spiritually, and emotionally. In this perfect union no sin existed.

Once sin came into the world, the enemy has perverted and twisted all things that God created to be holy and perfect.  It’s sometimes so obvious and other times very subtle.

Obviously pornography and sexual abuse are perversions.  Subtle things like aging and comparing yourself can wreak havoc on your mind and self-worth.  Like most folks, I get a ton of mail advertising clothing, perfume, vacations, and credit cards.  Recently, I noted a beautiful couple advertising perfume, and I laughed right out loud to my family.  I turned the picture of this couple around and asked, “Do any of you walk down the street, or work with, or go to school with anyone who looks like this? ”   The stark reality of how ridiculous the marketing folks had altered and staged this couple was evident.

Yesterday I shared with Parish some of my obvious aging in humility.  He graciously and sweetly looked deep in my eyes with tears and shared that our love was a love that is complete “one-flesh” intimacy no matter if “warts and all” existed.  Bottom line–it doesn’t matter if we don’t look like that unrealistic couple or find ourselves aging, our intimacy comes from a love that Jesus has developed through many years of oneness.

It’s not just about being naked, but being with someone you can be totally transparent without judgment, ridicule, or abandonment.  To engage in the hard talks, to love when someone else is “unlovely” in the moment or for a season, in sickness and in health, “warts and all”.

Happy Father’s Day to my beautiful heavenly father who loves me perfectly and completely.  Happy Father’s Day to my husband who strives to love me like this–the striving is what keeps us “one flesh”.

I love you Jesus–Abba, Father.

I love you Parish…….

Okay, so, just to share something funny……

Parish reviewing the rules…
Yes I did–right there in the center under the 5X















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