All You Need is Love–His Love!

I’m amazed how God uses the smallest of details to reiterated and firm up His work in us.  Sharon Thomas from Established Footsteps has an amazing study on Romans 8.

If you click on the link above you’ll see to the right a link to hear a study from her on Romans 8 and a worksheet for your quiet time.

At lunch yesterday, I was chatting with my 9-year-old about the study. She interrupted me with an example of her choice.  “It’s like this mom–if you wake up in the morning and keep saying that something bad is going to happen today, you’ll never want to leave the house. You will be all chained up and bound up in fear.”  She had not heard the study, so I was completely amazed at her knowledge that she naturally had from God within her.  We took it a step further together and talked about what to do when bad things happen.

It’s something about your children confirming a truth.  It’s a God moment.

I’ve been a Christian for umpteen years but I feel like a baby in Christ when it comes to fear, worry, and feelings.  I feel completely bound up in these areas–no freedom.  I long for heaven to be free but struggle with an abundant life on earth.  The enemy comes in with condemnation of “you are the only one” or “you’ll never be healed”.  If he can isolate you he can keep you bound up.  Part of bondage is never confessing or acknowledging the struggle for fear that you are less than perfect.

What is freedom in Christ? God sets us free–He already did it through Jesus.  It’s done!

I’m not obligated to the thoughts and feelings of others or the thoughts and feelings about myself based on shame.

Obligated: Bind or compel (someone), esp. legally or morally.

It’s not about me.  God desires for me to be obligated to His freeing love.  His love reaches to the heavens!setfree

Parish and I went to a wedding last night.  In the middle of the marriage ceremony the pastor prayed a prayer that seemed out of context and directly related to my heart struggles.  I began to tear up.  He beseeched God to help us focus on the beauty of our world and the beauty He has for us to enjoy.  He acknowledged worry, fear, and bondage that keeps us from being free and joyful. He prayed a similar thought from Sharon’s message of choosing to focus on the goodness of God and His love.

His Word says we are not obligated to live by the flesh!  We can choose to think and act differently.  The Holy Spirit–the same Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead–is living in you as a Christian, and you have the power to overcome your flesh.   I don’t have to feel what bubbles up inside of me.  I can take what I know about God and His promises and be obligated to Him, not flesh.

I believe strongly what causes an obligation to our flesh and feelings is rooted in life events and choices that if we don’t obligate ourselves to the feelings and fear around the event or choice, we actually feel foolish or a sense of betrayal.  We owe it to the other person or ourselves to feel or think this way.  It’s justified.  Maybe.  But how many years can we live bound up? You will never control another person.  You can only produce change within you.

A wonderful coworker and friend had on her Facebook page “All You Need Is Love”–it was a note, I think from her sister to her.  I imagined how significant that small message was for her to be posted.   I concentrated on the line/song and thought about “all we need is love”–His love.  I smiled.

As the wedding party was marching out, the song they played was–yes– “All You Need Is Love” by the Beatles.  I laughed.  Parish said, “Good song!”  I smiled at him–“you’ll never know how good that song is for me right now”.

All we need to really know is His love………..

Within the power of His love, I am not obligated to my feelings, shame, or fears …..

Wrap me up in Your love Jesus–I am completely obligated to YOU!  FREEDOM!

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  1. That was our wedding theme – we didn’t use the song, but had it printed on our paper fans and my “bride” shirt:-)


    1. How beautiful! 🙂 God is good!


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