At the end of the day…

At a compassion fatigue workshop, one of my co-workers shared a paradigm shift in her mind that brought healing.  At the end of the day, we have a choice to concentrate on all we did not get done, or celebrate the things we accomplished.  This simple activity has brought healing to me.  I’m a list maker.  I make it a point to stop and check off the things that were accomplished, thank God, and ask Him to help me put the list aside until tomorrow–tomorrow will come and more things will be accomplished.  We live in a world that concentrates more on what we did not get done and the pressures of deadlines.  It’s up to me to take care of my mind and body, and to know that God, working in my life each day and directing me, is enough.  I am enough.  No less than thoughts–even if “man” is disappointed in my accomplishments.

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  1. charbelangia says:

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    Yes!! Why is the “bad” stuff always what we remember? Celebrate the good and celebrate who you are!!


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