When Pea Pods get Separated a Phone Call is Due…

The speaker from Knowing God’s Ministries shared an intimate story of reconnecting with someone after 11 years.  She felt the Holy Spirit asking her to reconnect and settle some things in the relationship.  At the end she asked us to think of our “who” or “what”.

My mind went blank.  Then, a long list of people and events.  I prayed for clarity.  Nada!

Later that night, I dreamed of a dear friend whom I have not seen in months and left on unsettling terms.  The dream was beautiful –we were snuggled on a sofa chatting, laughing, and reminiscing.  So, God told me who to call through a dream.  I called her today.  I kept telling her how much I love her.  It was so good to hear her voice.  She didn’t pick up on the first ring so her son went upstairs to retrieve the phone (which she said was unusual).  He looked at the caller ID and saw my name and said, “I had a dream, mom, that Anna came to our door to talk to you.”  I smiled with chills all over.  I’m so glad she called me back.

Oh how I wished my day could have added a door bell interruption and a face-to-face conversation of “I love you.”

She reads my blog–

Sweet friend,

Forgive me.  I love you for always being kind and gentle.  I love you for understanding even when it’s hard to understand.  I love you for treating me like royalty in your home.  I love you my pea pod.

Isn’t it amazing how God answers prayers in His time, and He confirms His promptings through others.

Ask God who you need to reconnect with and see what happens!

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  1. Jodi says:

    I can’t wait for God to tell me it’s time for me to reconnect with a life long friend I have missed so dearly.. Thanks for sharing it gives me hope!


    1. I know He will answer! HOPE! Let me know when and how it happens. And, remember, you are only responsible for your part and His love toward them. If they can’t respond in kind then that’s their work with God. If she reconnects with you then JOY is there…..whatever happens God has a plan.


  2. Sarah Morris says:

    Anna, What an awesome testimony! My pastor was sharing Sunday about God speaking to him through dreams, which I can certainly relate to! 🙂 I am so thankful that God speaks to us through so many different ways. Oh, that we would hear Him whenever and however He does!


    1. I pray He continues to speak to us Sarah–may His Words be in our hearts and minds. Praying that for you!


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