You’ll Never View Marriage The Same Way Again

Jehovah God gave all the living creatures to Adam to name but there was not a helper for him.  God saw this void and caused Adam to fall asleep.  He took one of his ribs and closed up the flesh. From this rib, Jehovah God made woman and brought her unto the man.

Genesis 2: 23 “And the man said, This is now bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh: she shall be called Woman, because she was taken out of Man.”

What is your favorite romance story? After hearing my Husband read a Bible study on this portion of the Bible, I’ve decided that Adam and Eve’s love story is the most Holy experience of love we can find. It was an ordinary morning, in which, we were sharing and talking in private–quiet time.  This quiet time exploded into the sweetness of the Holy Spirit filling our hearts and soul. He is reading the book A Husband Like Him, by Jason Whetstone (2007).A Husband Like Him: Becoming a Christ-Like Leader in the Home  -     By: Jason Whetstone

Woman is the most beautiful of all God’s creations.  She also seems to me to be the most complex.  When God decided to make a partner for Adam, he did not just take the one rib out for the purpose of creating another human.  If that were all he wanted to do, he would have just created a woman like He did with the man.  God is good at what He does, when He made Adam, He made him perfect and whole.  The only thing that Adam could not satisfy within himself was a relationship with God.  Therefore, if God was going to create a companion for him, He needed to make a void in Adam so that he would actually need and desire his partner.  So God removed the characteristics needed to make up a mother, a wife, a sister, a woman, and formed Eve.  Remember, Adam was formed in God’s image, so there could not have been inadequacies.  God removed certain traits out of one (man) and placed them in another (woman) so that there would be a need.  God intentionally made Adam become incomplete and lacking so that the need for the traits that Eve possessed could be fulfilled through unity and oneness.  (p. 27-28)

I hope you didn’t miss the profoundness of this creation and union! The deeper connection that God created is at the very core of a husband and wife relationship. In some ways, I imagine it being the Spirit of the Living God at work within the union! It is placed there by a covenant, and It is our work to discover the depths of it.

Understanding the lack of one that fits into the other becomes a Holy union versus “Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus” attitude.  The differences were put there by God in order to accomplish greater things. My husband and I often share that our differences are the greatest strength we have in our relationship; however, let’s be honest, the differences can also be the very thing we struggle with in the day-to-day.  The sweetness of the Spirit when we were reading this together was a new understanding of what God intended.

Our world has created a message that women are nags and overbearing and men are portrayed as idiots.  We watch sitcoms and laugh at Hollywood’s creation of marriage. After reading this, is it funny?

Let’s go back-way back-to what God intended.  I’d like to give a personal and most recent example in our marriage.  On the morning we were to sing at a church, I was the mommy-go to person.  Everyone checked into my nurturing love to find affirmation and ask questions about the day.  Honestly, I bubbled up with resentment–wishing folks would take care of that on their own, or, for goodness sake, “Ask your dad!”  He was busy loading the car in the pouring rain and preparing our family to go.  Together we worked to provide our family stability (my husband) and nurturing (me).  An irritant in my mind became a Holy union.

There are some things you can’t write–the soul work that is so deep it has no words.  To see him tear up about his wife’s beauty and the Holy Union of us, created a miracle moment.  He realized how very much I’m needed in His life to walk this journey hand-in-hand.  He took the time, through the knowledge of God’s Word, to solidify my worth and beauty. I am bone of his bones and flesh of his flesh.

Questions to consider:

Does your marriage need to go back to square one–back to Genesis? Have you based your marriage on the world view of romance and expectations?  Are you upholding your union through Godly, tangible ways that support your spouse?

If you are single, remember the Holy union and God’s best.  What are you doing right now to draw close to God? I remember a discussion on “True Love Waits”.  Your true love is Jesus!  No waiting!  The time of marriage may come, but in the meantime, Jesus satisfies and fills.

Men: Women desire to hear from you that they are beautiful–you only have eyes and love for them.  Does your wife know she captivates you?  As the nurturer, she is filled up by Jesus and you to nurture those around her.  When you lead and come along side her in support, love, and acts of service, she can work to her Godly potential.

Women:  Men desire to hear and see from you how they are significant and strong. Tell them.  They, too, want you to desire them above all men, and put them first in relationship and intimacy. Take time away from those you are responsible for, and put him first.  God is our perfect husband (Isaiah 54:5).  When you meet with Jesus daily, He will help you to love yourself and your spouse as God intended.

When both are using their gifts uniquely designed by God, the union is a Holy experience.

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